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Get a Chemistry helper To Do Your Chemistry Homework.

Chemistry is subject that describes matter and how they interact with the environment. It is one of the subjects that most students study as a requirement for other courses or a course by itself. Many students usually have difficulty finding chemistry answers, which is why they look for a chemistry helper online.

Homeworkhive is the website that will help you with all chemistry assignments. We have experts who will take your chemistry exam, quiz, or online class.

Five reasons why students say, “I need a chemistry helper.”

  1. A chemistry helper will ensure that you get an A in your class. Taking a class by yourself might be a significant risk if you are not well versed in chemistry. This is why we only recruit qualified chemistry tutors on our platform to ensure you get the best grade you desire.
  2. A chemistry helper will take the whole chemistry class for you. We have been helping many students with online classes such as Aleks, mastering, Canvas, Pearson, and many others.
  3. Get homework help from homeworkhive at an affordable fee. Many websites offer chemistry help online. However, homeworkhive stands out to be the most reliable because it is pocket friendly and provides quality answers. We hire postgraduate students from top universities worldwide to ensure we deliver quality services.
  4. Assigning your chemistry class to chemistry helpers reduces many students’ stress when given too much homework. Therefore, we reduce homework stress for you by taking your homework assignment.
  5. Lastly, it makes you competitive in the job market. The better grades you get in your course, the higher the chances of you getting a good job. Therefore, our chemistry helpers will ensure that you get the best grade for that class that will help you land a lucrative job.
chemistry helper homework help

Where can I find a chemistry helper to help me?

Getting a good chemistry homework doer online is not easy; this is why we have made it easy for you. We have expert tutors who will take your homework at an affordable fee.

Chemistry is a difficult subject, and that is why many students find it challenging to solve the problem. The topics from atom and structure, the periodic table, physical states, balancing equations, acids and bases are examples of basic units that most students take.

However, most of them struggle to get correct answers for such topics. We understand that not everyone is good at solving chemistry problems. That is why we have chemistry helpers on our website to help you solve these problems at an affordable fee.

Here is how you can get a chemistry tutor. Go to any search engine and type “homeworkhive chemistry helper.” The first page that will appear will direct you to our main site, where you can place an order with us.

Where can I get a chemistry helper for my biology class?

Most of the biology online classes such as Canvas, mastering, and Pearson have chemistry topics as introduction topics. This is because biological processes are derived from chemistry concepts. For one to understand the functioning of the body, one should be able to know acids and bases, buffers, physical properties of matter, atoms and structure, and many more.

As a biology student, it might be difficult to accurately answer chemistry questions unless you spend a lot of time studying chemistry materials which will take your valuable time. The only reliable solution is to get chemistry helpers from homeworkhive website.

Our chemistry homework help services are unmatched!

How do I select an excellent chemistry helper?

At homeworkhive, we take the process of recruiting tutors very seriously. We scrutinize our chemistry helpers to ensure that we get the best of the best. Most of our chemistry helpers are master’s students and unemployed professors.

You will get bids from different tutors when you place an order with us. As much as all our tutors are qualified to do your homework, you can choose the one you feel comfortable with.

After selecting the chemistry helper you want, you will have to pay for the order before we start working on your assignment. Ensure you give the deadline of the assignment and any other necessary info that is needed.

5 Reasons Why you should choose chemistry helper from homeworkhive.

The availability of the internet has made things to be easy to find chemistry tutors. Here are some reasons why you should choose homeworkhive chemistry helpers.

Accurate and correct answers. The only way to ace your grades in chemistry is by getting the correct answers to your homework. You can get an A+ in chemistry by hiring our qualified chemistry helpers.

24/7 support standby. Our support team is available to help you get help at any time.

We offer competitive prices per order. Our chemistry helpers give competitive prices for orders. We understand that the economy is not good, and people don’t have much money.

We often give discounts on homework to students whenever they ask for it.

Money back guaranteed. In rare cases where you are not satisfied with our work, we have a policy that makes sure you get back your money in 3 business days.

Chemistry topics that our chemistry helpers help students with.

We provide chemistry help in the following topics

Atomic Structure.

The atomic structure of a compound is useful because it tells a lot about the property of that atom. An example is a Carbon. The structure of this atom shows that it has 4 electrons in the outermost energy level; hence it can form four different bonds by sharing them. 

Acids and Bases

There are many definitions used to describe acids and bases. Some of the area

An acid is a proton donor, while a base is a proton acceptor. An example of an acid is HCl, and a base is NH3

A Lewis acid is an electron acceptor, while a Lewis base is a Lewis donor.

PH calculation.

PH calculation is very important in the calculation of basicity or acidity. The PH calculation is also very important in the study of biology.

Units and Measurement.

Every calculation requires accurate measurements. The answers to questions must be given in the correct significant numbers.

Periodic Table.

The periodic table forms the basis of chemistry. Understanding the trends of the periodic table is important because you will be able to understand how molecules interact with each other. The periodic table explains the trends, such as electron affinity, atomic size, and electronegativity, which play a significant role in studying chemistry.


Thermochemistry is the study of chemical reactions and the energies involved during the process. If heat is absorbed, it is called endothermic, and when heat is revolved, it is called exothermic. If the sign of heat is positive, the reaction is endothermic, and if the sign of heat is negative, the reaction is exothermic.


Electrochemistry is the study of reduction potential reactions and how they interact to produce energy.

Chemical Bonding.

Our tutors will help you solve chemical bonding problems, including covalent and ionic bonds. Discussing the intermolecular forces and how it affects the properties of the molecule.

Other topics that we provide chemistry help include;

  • Redox reactions.
  • Equations and Stoichiometry.
  • Organic chemistry reaction and mechanisms.
  • Alkanes, cycloalkanes, and functional groups.
  • Stereochemistry
  • Alcohols, ethers, epoxides, sulfides
  • Substitution elimination
  • Aromatic compounds
  • Benzene and its derivatives.
  • Reactions of ketone
  • IR, C NMR, and H1 NMR spectroscopy.
  • Chemistry lab reports.
  • And many more

Examples of answers that our chemistry helpers provide.

1)The temperature of a 500. mL sample of gas increases from 150. K to 350. K. What is the final volume of the sample of gas, if the pressure in the container is kept constant?


We use the formula

V1/T1= V2/T2—- Charles’s law


V1=500Ml , T1= 150K ,V2=unknown, T2= 350K.

500 mL / 150K = V2/350K


The final volume at 350 mL  is 1166.7Ml

2) The unit of 1 atmosphere used to describe the pressure of a gas is equal to

  • 100 mmHg
  • 600 mmHg
  • 200 mmHg
  • 1 mmHg
  • 760 mmHg

ANSWER: 1atmosphere = 760mmHg

3)Which of the following is not part of the kinetic theory of gases?

  • Gas particles move rapidly.
  • There is very little empty space in a gas
  • A gas is composed of very small particles.
  • Gas particles do not attract or repel one another.
  • Gas particles move faster when the temperature increases.

ANSWER: There is very little empty space in a gas.

4) At STP, what is the volume of 4.50 moles of nitrogen gas?


  • At STP, 1mol= 22.4L
  • Thus
  • =4.5moles x (22.4L/1mole) =100.8L
  • The volume of 4.5moles of nitrogen at STP = 100.8Ml

5) Write a balanced chemical reaction to describe the following reactions. Be sure to include states of matter. (1 pt each)

A). When sodium metal is dropped into liquid water, the mixture releases gaseous

hydrogen, leaving behind a colorless solution of sodium hydroxide.

2Na(s) + 2H2O(l) → H2(g) + 2NaOH(aq)

B) The products copper metal and water vapor are produced when solid copper (III) oxide

reacts with hydrogen gas.

3H2(g) + Cu2O3(s) → 2Cu(s) + 3H2O(g)

C). Solid potassium chlorate decomposes into solid potassium chloride and oxygen gas.

2KClO3(s) —–→ 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g)

6). For the following reactions, indicate which reactant has been oxidized (O) and which

reactant has been reduced (R). (0.5 pt each)

  • TiO + H2 → Ti + H2O
  • TiO has been reduced
  • H2 has been oxidized
chemistry helper homework help



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