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What Are The Qualities of a Good Parent Essay Examples?

An example of an essay on the qualities of a good parent.

Qualities of a good parent essay is an example of an argumentative essay. In this type of essay, you are required to express yourself on how you think a good parent should be.

We have written two examples of qualities of a good parent essay for you that you can use as a guide when writing such essays. However, you should not copy and submit it as your own because you will be penalized for plagiarism.

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Qualities of a Good Parent Essay example one [400 words essay example]

Children spend a decent amount of time with their parents as they grow up. Whatever the parents do and say is reflected in their children’s behaviour. There are many qualities required to make a good parent. Still, some critical characteristics of any decent parent include cherishing the children, supporting them, being accessible, and setting a good example for the young ones.

Parents have numerous obligations to nurture their children. A good parent will always put their children first. They are always prepared to invest most of their time and energy in raising their children. In some cases, a good parent should be willing to turn down their desires and wants to prioritize the needs of their children. It is expected that parents commit their time, especially in the early years of parenthood, to ensuring that the child gets all the support they require. This includes sacrificing free time to take the child to exercises such as swimming and painting classes and sitting through the activities to ensure their safety and closely monitor their progress. It is safe to say that forfeiting is a significant provision for a decent parent.

Another quality of a good parent is consistently upholding their children from the beginning. It is in the young years that a child that they begin to acknowledge their abilities and what they might want to become when they grow up. It is, therefore, important for parents to restrict limitations imposed on their children’s leisure activities. A good parent supports their children when they show interest in activities. They should also nudge the child towards those areas in which they see them excelling, giving them the chance to explore and realize their capabilities. 

A good parent is always prepared to shield and protect their children from any possible risk in the world. The young ones are incredibly dynamic and like to explore, investigate and experiment with almost everything. They are curious to learn new things, which in itself is a great thing. It, however, lands them, now and again, in dangerous situations. It is the role of a good parent to be always prepared to step in and protect their children from any possible hazards.


Qualities of a Good Parent Essay example one [400 words essay example]

There are different definitions of a good parent depending on who is asked. There is no single answer as to who a good parent is, but the world seems to agree that a good parent can offer their child love and affection. The two are essential for the normal development of a child into a contented and dignified person. A good parent should also be capable of teaching their children vital social skills to help them find their place in society. Ultimately, a good parent is one who can set an excellent example for their children.

As children start to grow up, they form their own opinions and begin to make decisions. Sometimes, their choices differ from their parent’s expectations, but one of the qualities of a good parent is to stand by their children. They should show them love and support them regardless while offering them a sense of direction. It is essential that parents put their children first before anything else. Children should never feel abandoned or neglected at any point.

All parents have certain expectations for their children. Good parents accept their children as they are, without comparing them to others or trying to change them to suit their expectations. Parents who turn their backs on a child for choosing a different path from what they expected to deny them the right to unconditional love. Good parents allow their children to experience different paths and provide them with the necessary guidance to help them grow into happy adults.

Good parents are always available for their children. It is quite easy for children to recognize it when their parents put effort into their relationship with them. Parents’ physical and emotional availability to their children is the desired quality of a good parent. It means being actively involved in what is happening in their children’s lives. A good parent listens to their children’s concerns, thoughts, and complaints and makes an effort to be present during the good and bad times. Examples include helping them with difficult homework and being present during proud moments like their first wins. Good parents ensure that their children never have to guess if they can depend on them for anything. Availability goes hand-in-hand with good communication. Open communication with one’s child translates to a healthier relationship. In such a parent-child setup, the child knows that they can go to their parent at any time of the day whenever they are in trouble and need some guidance.


Qualities Of A Good Parent Essay Conclusion Examples

Example 1

In conclusion, a good parent is one who loves their child unconditionally, sets a good example, and is always available for their child. These three qualities of a good parent sum up the most basic requirements but are still insufficient to cover all the qualities that make a wholesome good parent.

Example 2

In a nutshell, many qualities are required for one to be considered a good parent. While some may be subject to debate, the most basic requirement to make a good parent is that one is dependable. It means that a child can count on them for provision and protection and to provide them with basic guidelines on survival. There is no specific recipe for a good parent.

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