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How Can I Be A Good American Essay [How To Be A Good American essay]

Who is a good American?

As much as you might be asking yourself, how can I be a good American?, Being a good American comes with a lot of pressure, responsibilities, expectations, and much more. However, there is no book that one is given to read on how to be a good American. I strongly believe that for one to be described as a good person, they must have some good qualities such as kindness compassion, hardworking, honesty, loyal, etc.

How to be a good American.

An American is any person who is a citizen of America either by birth or marriage. There are other ways of earning American citizenship such as having a permanent residence for 5 years and above or having a continuous residence. However, not every American is a good American. A good citizen should be loyal to the country, respect the laws of the land, and works hard to improve the state of the country.

A good American is responsible for others, respects other people’s choice, listen to people with opposing views, follows the rule, lives in harmony with the neighbors, does not participate in corruption, and reports cases that might put Americans at risk among others.

There have been good Americans in the history of America whether in leadership or in opposition government. They have all contributed to the growth of our country. Great people such as Andrew Jackson who fought for the common Americans in the 18th century are examples of good Americans.

Some qualities of a good American.

As mentioned above, there are some good qualities that can be associated with being a good American citizen. Some of these qualities include.


As much as being kind is good for people around you, it also helps you to be a good American. If your kindness is beneficial to those around you, then it is actually beneficial to the whole country. In addition, a kind person who is in charge of a big office in the government will use the resources of the country wisely.

Loyal to the country.

Citizens should always be loyal to their country. Being loyal means that you are each other’s responsibility. For instance, if you spot a suspicious activity going on in your area, is good to report it because it is for the safety of the nation.

Obeys the laws of the land.

Laws and regulations are written to ensure that people live in harmony. Going against these laws makes you a bad American because it infringes the right of others. For one to be defined as a good American, you should be able to obey all the laws including traffic laws. By going against these rules, you make the lives of other people to be difficult.

Does not participate in corruption.

Corruption is one of the major causes that deny people services and cripples the growth of a country. In order to be a good American, you should avoid corruption at all levels of work. Whether you are a minister, president, mayor, doctor, teacher, judge, or in any other profession, you should shun corruption.


A hardworking citizen is a good citizen because a hardworking person will ensure that services are delivered to those in need. In addition, industries and big companies are created by hardworking citizens who later employ their fellow citizens. A hardworking citizen creates big companies that generate taxes for the government hence making it beneficial to the whole country.


A good American should be an honest one. An honest person will not be involved in activities that will put the country at any risk. An example of a police traffic officer stopping a car that is carrying illegal things, the police officer should be honest enough to report the case to the authorities instead of taking bribes.

Why should you be a good American?

Being a good American is important not only at a personal level but also to the country as a whole. Let’s say, for instance, you are a good person who respects the law, reports any cases of corruption, and respects other people’s opinions. Then one day you have faced with a situation where someone whats to bribe you so that you can stop reporting a case of child abuse.

You will definitely refuse the bribe and go ahead to report the case. When your story is heard by other people, they would always want to emulate you by reporting the abusers. Your action has just created confidence in people and you will be regarded as a good American.

As a student, you also have a part to be a good American. Many students believe that they do not play part in the growth of America while in reality, they are the promise of the future which plays a major role today.

In school, students face rejection, harassment, bullying, etc. As a good American student, you should not participate in making other people feel less. In any case, your role is to encourage each other and protect each other. By reporting any cases of bullying or harassment, you are playing the part of being a good America.

How can I be a Good American essay examples.

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This essay can be between 300 – 600 words essay but majorly depends on the instructions that you are given by your teacher.

How to be a good American essay Example One [300 words]

A good American is one who sees the nation as it is and not necessarily what they would want it to be. This means that political leanings should not play a part in one’s view of America. In reality, America is a multicultural, multiracial, and multi-religious nation. To be a good American means to realize that nothing – not one’s color, culture, or religion- makes one more American than the next person. A good American understands that the only things that qualify one as American are either birth or naturalization, and all Americans are equally entitled to the available resources.

One way of becoming a good American is by treating fellow citizens in an inclusive and not divisive way. One is allowed to acknowledge the differences that exist in the American population. However, they should do this in a way that highlights the strength of diversity rather than discriminating against others. A good American recognizes that all Americans are rightful citizens despite their social, political, or cultural backgrounds. Good citizens understand the need to play their part in ensuring that all Americans receive equal treatment and opportunities to improve their lives without persecution. Such a citizen sees beyond other people’s skin color, accents, economic backgrounds, and religion and treats everyone with respect.

Ultimately, becoming a good American begins from a place of patriotism. A good American loves their country and respects its laws. A good American is a law-abiding citizen with good morals who seeks to do the right thing even when no one is watching. They participate in making the country better by carrying out their civic duties, such as voting, jury duty, and paying their taxes.

One can become a good American if one cares enough to push the limits toward making a difference in society. A good American will stand up for what is right and fight to change the wrongs in the nation. Such a person will not participate in breaking the law or watch others do wrong things without doing something about it.


How Can I Be A good American essay Example Two [300 words]

To be a good American means different things to different people. Therefore, the definition of a good American is subject to individual opinions. However, one can do several generally commendable things if one wants to become a good American. This essay is a simple guide toward becoming a good American citizen.

The first step is a realization that one is American. While this may seem straightforward for most people, with America being culturally diverse and with the various cases of discrimination, it is possible for some people to feel like they are not American. It is not possible to be a good American when one does not associate with an American. Therefore, one must remember and recognize that they are American, like all other Americans. This realization makes it easier for one to embrace their nationality and be proud of their country. The acknowledgment also prevents preexisting personal doubt that might contribute to one being a bad American.

Being patriotic and supporting America in all situations is the second step toward being a good American. Patriotism calls for rooting for the country and not sympathizing, in any way, with anyone attacking America or her citizens. It also involves loving the country enough to participate in its growth and development. Appreciation of the rights, freedom, and opportunities in America can contribute to one’s patriotism. An understanding of the greatest privileges of being an American should be a motivation to stand by and defend the country against any form of the attacker.

The third step is to understand one’s responsibilities toward the country and do the best to achieve them. A good American will take part in civic duties such as voting during elections, and paying taxes. Such a citizen follows the laws of America and participates in nation-building activities. They understand their responsibilities towards their country and clearly grasp what is right and wrong. Such a citizen does what is right and respects the rights of their fellow citizens. They stand against social injustices such as police brutality, racism, and social segregation. Generally, a good American strives to live by values such as integrity, self-control, authenticity, common sense, and humane treatment of other citizens.


How can i be a good American essay


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