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Psychology Research Paper Outline And Example.

What Is a Psychology Research Paper?

Like in any other field of Science, writing in Psychology aims to inform about a new theory, idea, or experiment. To achieve this goal, psychology academicians emphasize the necessity to present brief and precise writing with minimal descriptive language and simple structure. In psychology, the best writers are those able to break down complex ideas to a level understandable by others who have not studied in their area of expertise.

What Do I Need To Know Before Writing A Psychology Research Paper?

Writing a psychology paper involves, above all, conveying factual knowledge supported by the research. One, therefore, strives to be precise as one expects their work to be read literally. A psychology research paper can be dense, with numerous references to previous publications. For this reason, it is vital to have a clear outline of the paper to follow during the writing process.

In addition, you need to come up with an essay that is neutral. The essay should not offend one group and praise another.

You are allowed to use past tense when writing it because you have already done the research and you are just reporting what you wrote.

Use formal language when writing it.

Difference between Psychology Research Paper and Other Essays.

Scholars should differentiate psychology research papers from other types of psychology writing, such as review articles, grant proposals, textbooks, and research applications or renewals. Research papers describe completed or proposed studies in enough detail that shows the problem or question the research is designed to solve, how the experiment was or is to be carried out, and how the findings will contribute to the field.

Other essays are used to present one thought in argumentative form. The writer does not need to present the results of any findings but just a good argument.

A psychology research paper outline is divided into six definitive parts, each with a clear subheading:

6 Main Parts Of A Psychology Research Paper Outline.

A good psychology research paper is divided into 6 definitive parts, each with a clear subheading. A good research paper outline is essential, but knowing what to write in those sections is equally important. Follow the following outline to write a good research paper.

1. Abstract Of a Psychology research paper?

The abstract is a summary of about 150 words that gives the readers a general idea of what to expect in the paper. The abstract appears on a separate page. It summarizes each section in the report in about one or two sentences. This section should be comprehensive enough for a reader to understand the research without reading the entire paper.

2. Introduction Of A Psychology Research Paper?

This section begins on the next page after the abstract. The introduction is not labeled with a subheading. Here, the writer provides the reader with information about the research question tackled or to be tackled and the relationship between the research question and other work in psychology. It focuses on explaining the research question’s importance, summarizing its history, and describing previous data and theories that relate to the study in the paper.

The final section of the introduction contains the hypothesis to be tested in the study. The writer should also note possible alternative solutions to the research question. A great introduction also indicates how the study will gain support for the hypothesis and rule out the possible alternatives.

3. Methodology Of A Psychology Research Paper?

            This section explains the process followed in conducting the study or how it will be conducted. It contains details of the materials used, the participants involved in the study, and the procedures followed or to be followed. The writer should include enough details to allow another scholar to replicate the study without needing further consultation.

4. Results Of A Psychology Research Paper?

            This section entails an explanation of the findings of the study. The writer should provide evidence in the form of data and also describe the steps used in the data cleaning, analyses, and the results of the studies. If it is a research proposal, the scholar should explain how they intend to clean up and analyze the data. Descriptive statistics such as standard errors and means are used alongside inferential statistics like the tests of analysis of variance. Graphs are highly encouraged to support and give an overview of the results.

5. Discussion Of A Psychology Research Paper?

            The discussion involves synthesizing the results and offering conclusions. It gives the meaning of the results and how the findings relate to the research discussed in the introduction. The scholar should show how the results support their hypothesis. And rule out the possible alternatives. The scholar should explain any discrepancies between the findings and predictions in the discussion. Do the findings support or contradict previous theories? The discussion should bring out any differences and state the real-world implications of the research findings.

6. Reference Of A Psychology Research Paper in APA format?

            The reference section should be on a new page after the discussion and follow the American Psychological Association (APA) format. This is the standard format to use when referencing. However, It can also follow other formats depending on the instructions given by the lecturer.

The word reference should be at the center of the page. Remember that all references used must be cited in the main text. You can use google scholar to check different formatting used in referencing.

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Psychology research paper example.

The following is an example of a short psychology research paper outline. You can use the paper to guide you on how to write them. However, if you have a psychology research paper that you need help with, we have experienced academic writers who are willing to help you anytime.

(Sample Abstract of a Psychology Research Paper.)

Positive psychology affects the relationship between the frequency of symptoms and the quality of life of survivors of colorectal cancer.

(An Example of a Purpose for a Psychology Research Paper.)

            Colorectal cancer or CRC survivors have longer life than before. Therefore, factors that improve their outcomes, such as quality of life (QoL) and management of symptoms, have become increasingly important. This paper examined the characteristics of CRC survivors’ symptoms, positive psychology, and QoL to determine whether positive psychology positively impacts the relationship between QoL and symptoms during the survivorship of acute cancer.

 (Methodology Example Of a Research Paper).

The National Cancer Institute-Designated Cancer Center conducted a cross-sectional study involving 117 survivors of CRC. The tools of data collection used were demographic questionnaires, QoL Inventory, and a checklist for therapy-related symptoms. The assessment of positive psychology was carried out using Post-Traumatic Growth Inventory and Carver Benefit-Finding Scale. Descriptive statistics such as mediation analyses and multiple linear regressions were performed between-group differences.

(esults Presentation of a research paper)

            The most common symptoms were fatigue, sleep disturbances, peripheral neuropathy, skin changes, and weakness. In addition, 38.46% of the survivors experience symptoms of psychological distress, moderate-to-high positive psychology of about 3.21, and QoL of about 5.15. Significant relationships were recorded between QoL and psychological distress, positive psychology, number of symptoms, post-traumatic growth, and benefit finding. Positive psychology mediated the relationship between QoL and symptom frequency, but only partially.

(An example of a Conclusion of a Psychology Research paper)

            The study’s findings indicate that CRC survivors cope positively with cancer treatment. Positive psychology partially improves the relationship between QoL and symptom frequency for acute cancer survivors. Identifying how cancer survivors adjust to their symptoms may help health professionals to provide personalized self-management skills that will reduce the burden of symptoms and improve QoL throughout CRC survivorship.

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