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Rogerian Argument Essay Outline and Example

What is a Rogerian argument?

Also called Rogerian rhetoric, a Rogerian essay is a type of argumentative reasoning used as a negotiating strategy to establish a common agreement between two parties with opposing views. This form of argument was developed by and named after Carl Rogers- an American psychotherapist.

Such an argument aims to objectively acknowledge positive aspects of the opinions presented by each party, seek compromise and establish a mutually-beneficial solution. Such an approach becomes necessary to settle highly controversial and sensitive issues successfully.

In addition, it provides an environment for the arguer to present their persuasive viewpoint to the public with a reduced risk of hostility. The theory’s primary goal is to respect each side’s viewpoint while seeking to find an agreeable compromise.

While a Rogerian argument may be confused for a middle-ground argument, the latter assumes a central position between opposing viewpoints on an issue. The Rogerian argument, on the other hand, aims at establishing the optimal position of the arguing sides to find a suitable compromise for all parties involved.

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History of a Rogerian Arguement.

Before you understand what a Rogerian argument is, it is essential to know its history.

Who created a Rogerian argument? Rogerian argument essay was developed by  Carl Rogers, an American psychotherapist born in 1902 in Oak Hill. He believed that the primary motive of human behavior was self-realization. He added that for a person to grow, they need an environment that provides empathy, acceptance, and genuineness.

When was a Rogerian argument created? Carl rogers came up with a client-centered which then was developed to be the Rogerian argument.

What is the goal of a Rogerian Argument Essay Outline?

A Rogerian argument seeks to achieve a particular purpose like any other type of essay. In most cases, it aims at appeasing a tense situation in which people with conflicting viewpoints seem to misunderstand each other. Therefore, the article intends to recognize the disagreement between the parties, ascertain the problem, and then seek to find common ground. But unfortunately, there are many circumstances in life in which arguments escalate and become intense, and the parties cannot reach an agreement. In such cases, a Rogerian argument can be used to conciliate the situation.

The Rogerian Argument Essay Outline

 A Rogerian essay has the following general structure;

  • Introduction

The topic is presented as a problem to be solved together, not as an issue.

  • The opposing position

The arguer should state the opinion of the opposing parties objectively, accurately, and fairly. This is to show the opposite side that the arguer understands their position.

  • The context for the opposing position

It is necessary to validate and show the opposing party that the arguer understands the circumstances that could have led to their position.

  • The arguer’s position

The arguer should present their position objectively. The aim is to convince, but it should be done in a way that allows the opposing party fairly and with clarity in the same way that their position is presented.

  • The context for the arguers’ position

The arguers should present a context to validate their position, just as with the opposition’s position above.

  • Conclusion

The arguer should appeal to the opposition by showing how the elements of their viewpoint could work for the opposing party and benefit its interests.

7 Excellent Tips on How to Write a Perfect Rogerian Argument Essay Outline.

            Writing a Rogerian paper requires a balance; it is essential to keep in mind the main points of the arguments and the ideas of a Rogerian argument. The correct combination of the two leads to an excellent and unique article. Additionally, it is equally vital for the arguer to have a deep comprehension of the issue at hand and the opposing party’s views. A tight grasp of essential writing tips enables the systematic presentation of ideas. These tips will help to write the perfect Rogerian essay:

  • An in-depth understanding of the opposing viewpoint; will help the arguer develop a valid argument to enact or convey to the intended audience.
  • Identify the common ground; knowing the opposing argument, the arguer can examine and weigh the different points and reach a common ground.
  • Embrace the chosen position of argument; the arguer should communicate their position to the audience without engaging them in a disagreement.
  • State the arguments clearly for the opposing party; the arguer’s viewpoints should not refute those of the opposing party but should be remarks focused on supporting their views.
  • Outline the opposing party’s arguments; doing so will help the target audience see that the arguer’s points carry more weight than those of the opposition. The arguer should also state the views that appear to contradict theirs to enable the audience to see the strength in their arguments.
  • Restate the common ground; the arguer should reaffirm the common grounds by providing supporting evidence for their argument. Again, it will help to bring out their position as being more substantial than the opposition.
  • The conclusion to the essay should be a brief, concise summary and restatement of the common ground and the arguer’s position.

How To Write a Great Introduction to a Rogerian Argument Essay Outline.

Engage with the opposing party. This is where the arguer shows their goodwill intentions. The goal is to describe the conflict at hand in a manner that exudes a clear understanding of the opposing viewpoint. The argument or viewpoint should be represented in a respectful and non-confrontational way. In the introduction of a Rogerian argument essay, the arguer should outline the critical sides of the conflict. In reality, there may be more than two sides to an argument, but for a Rogerian essay, they should be classified into two opposing viewpoints to allow for common ground.

It is also crucial to indicate the essay’s primary purpose, that is, the issue at hand for which the arguer seeks to find a compromise. The failure to state the intent upfront may leave the reader confused and even suspect that the writer intends to manipulate the audience to win a fight without well-researched evidence. It is important to note that the intent is stated in the introduction, but the compromise is delayed and brought out in the conclusion. Some of the things to consider for a perfect introduction to a Rogerian essay include:

Things to consider when writing the introduction of a Rogerian argument essay.

  • Identifying the issue to which both parties want to find a solution
  • Cultivate a friendly relationship with the opposing party
  • Show the opposing party that you are informed about and understand their argument on the issue at hand
  • Show clearly why the problem at hand is relevant
  • Create an effective thesis for your Rogerian argument, which should include; the topic of debate, acknowledgment of the opposing party’s viewpoint, and a presentation that strikes a balance between a summary of the evidence provided in the introduction and the arguer’s viewpoint.

Rogerian argument introduction/thesis example:

“While civilian gun ownership is acceptable for personal protection, the idea of eliminating gun control laws is not the best solution. Perhaps, agreeing that pursuing responsible gun ownership is a step in the right direction so that we reduce the number of accidents, keep guns away from children, and reduce access to guns capable of unleashing mass murder” (Ramage, 2019, p.147).

How to Write a Great Conclusion to a Rogerian Argument Essay.

            In conclusion, the arguer should summarize their main idea or thesis and restate the issue using different words. Other things to consider for the conclusion include:

Things to consider when writing a conclusion of a Rogerian argument

  • A note to the opposing party on how their viewpoint has changed the arguer’s viewpoint
  • An offer by the arguer of the willingness to keep the channels of communication open going forward
  • An expression of interest in further problem-solving

Rogerian argument conclusion example:

Gun ownership is possible for responsible adults with a clean background check. “Guns for self-protection and hunting are fine for responsible people to own. However, allowing unlimited guns, ammunition, and semi-automatic weapons in the home is asking for an increase in unnecessary deaths. Despite these opinions, please consider this an open invitation to continue discussing this particular issue further” (Ramage, 2019, p.149).

Common Challenges Encountered in Writing Rogerian Argument Essays.

Some of the most common challenges to look out for when writing a Rogerian essay include:

  • Difficulty in opposing a counter viewpoint because of being supportive instead of discordant
  • Inability to arrive at a solid solution to the issue under argument and therefore not reaching a common ground
  • Failure to get sufficient background information about the subject under discussion to help support the arguer’s claim

Best 50+ Rogerian Arguments Example Topics College.

            There are numerous college topics for Rogerian arguments. The key is to pick a controversial topic that can be argued with a compromise between extreme viewpoints. To achieve a well-written and convincing Rogerian essay requires settling on a topic that interests both the reader and the arguer. With such a well-picked topic, the writer will not get bored while writing or researching for the paper. Like any other essay, a tremendous Rogerian argument starts with picking the right topic. We have compiled some topics that are good and easy to research. These examples include;

  • Should minors be on Social media?
  • Is it ethical to carry out artificial insemination on humans?
  • The cyber-security laws: Are they helping or not?
  • Do CCTV cameras invade people’s privacy?
  • What is the right age to own a smartphone? Should it be lowered or raised?
  • Is the 5G network an environmental hazard or not?
  • Do radiations from smartphones cause cancer?
  • Should the government monitor people’s online presence?
  • Is it right to practice hacking?
  • Are homework and assignments too much for students?
  • Are we safe online?
  • Should students have mobile phones in school?
  • Can long-distance relationships work?
  • Should we encourage teenage marriages?
  • Are our step-parents the best?
  • Should students wear school uniforms?
  • Is it possible to curb cheating among students?
  • Are boarding schools the best option for students?
  • Is bullying among students a parent or teacher problem?
  • Are homework and assignments too much for students?
  • Is it okay for students to be in relationships?
  • Is it reasonable to have same-sex or co-ed schools?
  • Are college students too hard to manage?
  • s it ok to give equal rights to education to illegal immigrants?
  • Is college education mandatory for everyone?
  • Are skinny models giving a healthy image of society?
  • Is sexual abuse against women ending?
  • Is cheerleading a sport?
  • Is the debate on naming rights rational?
  • Is censorship playing its role fairly?
  • Can animals give you emotional support?
  • Is TV stereotyping minorities?
  • Are old age houses a blessing or a curse?
  • Are college admission requirements too much for students?
  • Does obesity kill?
  • Should students have mobile phones in school?
  • Should students wear school uniforms?
  • Is it possible to curb cheating among students?
  • Are boarding schools the best option for students?
  • Is bullying among students a parent or teacher problem?
  • Is it okay for students to be in relationships?
  • Is it reasonable to have same-sex or co-ed schools?
  • Are college students too hard to manage?
  • Are college admission requirements too much for students?
  • Should doctors approve abortions?
  • Is influenza a mild symptom of coronavirus?
  • Nature Vs Nurture.
  • Is home-based care the best option for asymptomatic patients?
  • Are all sanitizers a weapon against viruses?

How to Choose a Good Rogerian Argument Topic for Your Essay.

In order for you to come up with a perfect essay, you have to choose a topic that is not only appealing but can also be researched. This is because picking a topic that is narrow will limit your ability to come up with points.

Secondly, you should be able to get information online about the topic you are writing about. This will make your work easier because you will get information online that can guide you.

Lastly, the topic should be easy to understand. For instance, picking a topic that is science-related can be a difficult topic compared to a general topic about nature or technology.

Remember, the type of topic you pick has a great influence on your final grade. Therefore, you can choose any topic from the list above and write a perfect Rogerian argument essay.

A Perfect Rogerian Argument Example for college.

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Topic: Should Models be Skinny

            Over the years, the fashion industry has strictly adhered to specific parameters for its models. These parameters have changed in the recent past, with most models wearing small or extra small sizes and with heights ranging between 172cm and 180cm. The fashion industry has put so much pressure on the models who resolve to all possible means to help them stay skinny to meet the expected standards. This pressure has resulted in many models struggling with bulimia and anorexia.

Fashion houses create their collection in one size, and it is, therefore, crucial for all models attached to the design houses to fit one size. Designers cannot make designer clothes to fit a specific model unless it is a supermodel. In addition, most designer clothes look great on tall, skinny, and well-shaped women.

According to a recent study in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, there is evidence that models struggle with severe eating disorders resulting from the unhealthy weight control that they are exposed to by fashion houses. Most of the topics on fashion models today are associated with bulimia and anorexia. Young women and girls are exposed to the pressure to be skinny. As a result, they end up struggling with suicide and eating disorders.

            For society to fix the messed-up situation in the fashion industry, it will require fashion houses worldwide to apply different principles to control the health of modes in the fashion industry. It is also necessary for the industry to redefine its strategy and focus more on creating the right image of models that represent human interest. It is crucial to make people understand that to be a model; they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and stick to a well-balanced diet.

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