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Was Andrew Jackson a Good President Essay Examples.

Who was Andrew Jackson?

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the united states of America who ruled for 8 years from the year 1829 to 1837. He was born in 1767 in Carolina where he started his education. He then joined college and studied law for two years. The history of Andrew Jackson is very important this is why most history students are usually asked to write was Andrew Jackson a good president essay.

Andrew Jackson was able to buy slaves and build his home called the Hermitage which is now a hotel. He was the first person from Tennessee to be elected to the house of representatives.

Andrew Jackson is considered a good American because he represented the ordinary American.

Was Andrew Jackson a good president Essay examples?.

The following three essays below seek to evaluate if Andrew Jackson was a good president or not. By reading these examples, you will be able to write a perfect 4-paragraph essay or a 3-paragraph essay.

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Was Andrew Jackson a Good President essay example 1

Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, can be described as both a good and bad president. His being on the twenty-dollar bill means he is celebrated for his contribution. He, however, did more bad than good. This essay highlights how Andrew Jackson is viewed as a bad president because he displaced the Indians, disobeyed the law, and attacked the Bank during his reign.

Jackson was determined to displace the Native Americans –Indians- from the settlements between Mississippi and Georgia, where they had always lived. With other political leaders in his time, Jackson wanted to open up the area for American farmers. He pressured Congress in 1830 to pass the Indian removal act that ordered Native Americans on the East side of the Mississippi river. By passing this act, Jackson contributed to racial discrimination. He also led to a situation of people walking long distances, contracting infections, and dying from starvation. This ultimately makes him a bad president.

Andrew Jackson opposed the second United States bank formed by Congress. He questioned whether the Bank was legal and termed it an unconstitutional exertion of the power of Congress. His distrust of the Bank was based on a political belief; that such federal institution trampled on the rights of the State. He believed that the Bank put a lot of power in the hands of only a few private citizens. He was ignorant of the need for such a valuable economic institution by vetoing the bill to establish a sound banking system. His action led to several banking crises in the United States Economy.


Was Andrew Jackson A Good President Essay Example 2

Andrew Jackson served as the President of the United States between 1829 and 1937. He is known to have strengthened the power of the United States presidency; he fought for and defended the union and earned a new level of respect for the country in foreign affairs. He also pushed the State toward democracy.

Throughout his candidacy, his military exploitation brought him out as a natural leader with the intention of representing the average man. Even though there was a lot of controversy around him and even personal loss, Jackson was loved by those who recognized his unique spark and believed in his ability to help the country grow. He took office determined to cleanse the corruption from the government and bring back the nation’s finances to order. The elite in Washington felt that he would fire everyone in government, including the competent, and replace them with his people. Instead, he replaced only around ten percent of the officials in power, a higher fraction than any of his predecessors. Those he replaced were primarily corrupt, inept, and opposed to his leadership.

            As the President, he was watchful over congress appropriations and government expenditures. He once vetoed a Congress-approved road bill that was both too costly and beneficial only to one part of the country and would not have contributed to improving the nation’s defenses. His spending controls and increased revenue in the economy saw him lead America to be debt free for the very first time. In 1835, he paid off the national debt and kept the country out of debt for the rest of his term.


Was Andrew Jackson a Good President? example 3

Andrew Jackson can be said to be either a bad president or a good president, depending on the angle of the debate. However, from a list of his failures and achievements or contributions as a president, it would be easy to notice that the negatives outweigh the positives.

Jackson is known for representing the needs of the majority of the American people during his term. When South Carolina wanted to secede from the nation, he prevented the beginning of a civil war. Jackson is the one who technically instigated the two main political parties in America today; Republican and Democratic. Despite all of these, he is responsible for ordering the displacement of Native Americans, creating controversy in the hiring policy at the federal level and national depression.

Jackson was a bad president because he ruled based on his likes and dislikes; this is not a good quality in a leader. He was not pleased with the Natives’ hesitance to move and moved them by force, causing many deaths. His dislike for the banking institution made him destroy the National Bank, leading the country into an economic depression.


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