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7 Unique Reasons Why Should Homework Not Be Banned

Why should homework not be banned?

Homework is an assessment given to students to evaluate their understanding of the subject. In the united states and most countries worldwide, homework is legal. However, schools and universities can make more rules and regulations about homework assessment.

Recent research by OECD-organization for economic cooperation and development has shown that most students hate doing homework. They wonder if they can push the government to ban homework for good.

Therefore, the government must check why most students hate it. We could be raising a generation of lazy people who don’t want to try something that challenges them. Or maybe homework does not enhance understanding. 

I would suggest that we establish a balance such that students are given homework that will make them proactive and not add stress. It should be the right way so it doesn’t snatch their social life. Before going to the reasons why should homework not be banned, it is also essential to see why homework should be banned first.

5 Reasons why Students say that homework should be banned.

1. Homework causes stress and anxiety.

Students always want to do their best and get good grades when given homework. However, most of them have anxiety, wondering how they will perform. Stress comes in when a student does his best but still performs poorly.

2. It robs students of their social life.

Giving too much homework that students spend more than 4 hours on it robs them of social life. Therefore, instructors should give reasonable homework assignments to ensure students complete it within time and have time for other activities.

3. Some lecturers swap homework grades for sex.

There have been reports that some professors swap good grades for sex in the united states. Blackmailing students for sex is an offense that should be highly punishable. If such behaviors persist, then it is better to ban homework completely. 

4. It is not a true reflection of a student’s intelligence.

While homework is used to evaluate a student’s understanding, it does not reflect the overall intelligence of students. Students have strengths and weaknesses in a given course.

5. If it is beyond the scope of the course.

Homework should be banned if it is beyond the syllabus because students usually prepare for materials within the course. Most of them will fail if it is set beyond the course, causing frustration.

Now, let’s examine why homework should not be banned from school.

7 reasons why should homework not be banned.

There are 100 reasons why homework should not be banned. But for this article, we are going to select 7 top reasons why homework should not be banned and its benefits.

1. It brings equality to college.

The homework given to students in a given class is the same regardless of their social status. Therefore, it brings equality between the rich and the poor students in class. In addition, homework is used to know who is the best fit to continue with the course. If one fails homework continuously, they might struggle a lot with the homework.

2. It evaluates students’ understanding.

One way to evaluate students’ progress is by using homework. Homework covers a certain percentage of the overall performance in a course. Therefore, if one gets good grades in homework, one will do well in the exam.

3. Enhances the time management skills of students.

When students are given homework, they have to submit it in a given amount of time. If one does not submit it within that time, one will get a poor grade. Submitting homework within time enhances your management skills because you can plan for yourself.

4. Enhances the bond between students and lecturers.

Professors usually want to go through the assignment with students after marking it. This enhances their bond because students can ask any question regarding the homework. 

5. It brings togetherness.

Homework brings togetherness between students and fellow students, between students and parents, and between students and professors. Inviting your parent to help you with homework creates a suitable environment for the bond to grow.

6. Homework builds students’ confidence.

There is satisfaction in accomplishing a task that you thought was hard. By completing tough homework, you tend to be more confident in yourself. You can channel this confidence to other areas of your life too.

7. Homework improves your research skills.

When doing difficult homework, such as an essay, you must do deep research to get content to write about. You sharpen your research and writing skills as you search online for content to write about.


From the above reasons why homework should not be banned vs. why it should be banned, it is clear that doing homework has more advantages. Therefore, students should embrace homework and view it as a good thing instead of giving homework excuses.

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