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 What To Do When I Don’t Want To Do My Homework.

Homework was introduced by an Italian, Roberto Nevilis, in the year 1905 to punish students who were lazy in class. Since then, many universities and high schools have used it to evaluate students’ understanding in class. There are many reasons why students say I don’t want to do my homework. This article will give tips on how to do your homework when you don’t feel like it.

Why do students say, “I don’t want to do my homework?”

There are a number of reasons why students don’t want to do homework. Some reasons are justified while others are not. The following are just examples of these reasons.

5 reasons why students don’t want to do their homework.

1. They feel like it is overwhelming.

Some teachers give a lot of homework that sometimes feels like they are setting up students for failure. Too many assignments will not only result in poor performance but will affect the social life of students and the same time, cause depression. When students are given a lot of homework, they spend the whole day doing them to avoid bad grades hence affecting their ability to socialize.

The main aim of assignments is to evaluate students’ progress and not punish them. Giving too many assignments will lead to low productivity because most will rush to finish them and not understand the concepts.

2. Deprives time for social interaction.

Human beings are social animals; this is why social interaction is essential for developing the brain of children and teenagers. Assignment should not be too much because it takes time for other important activities. For example, if some students are good at playing football or basketball, giving them a lot of homework will deny them time to grow their hobbies. This is detrimental to their career since not everyone is good at class.

In addition, parents taking online classes are usually given a lot of homework that denies them time to interact with kids and other family members. This is why most of them prefer paying someone to complete their assignment for them

3. It causes anxiety and stress.

Spending more than 3 hours daily on assignments causes stress and anxiety to students. The punishment for failing homework is getting poor grades hence affecting school progress. Knowing this causes anxiety because every student wants to get good grades but might be unable to because of pressure.

In addition, some students always feel like they cannot do excellent work independently. Therefore, when they are given an assignment, they become very anxious about the results, causing stress. 

4. Some homework does not reflect the understanding of students.

Some assignments do not reflect the understanding of students. When given too much homework, most students will do it to complete the work and not understand the concepts and their application. This is why most students push the agenda that homework should be banned in college.  

5. Lack of support.

The lack of enough support system makes students hate assignments. Some professors give too much work while at the same time they are not available 24/7 for consultation.

To get good results, one needs to have someone such as an online tutor who will help you complete your assignment in time. You can get such tutors from us if you are stuck with homework.

What to do when I don’t want to do homework?

Here are 9 things you can do to improve your mood to do homework when you don’t want to.

1) Give homework excuses.

Giving homework excuses is one of the students’ best strategies to escape doing homework. If you have homework and feel like you don’t want to do it, you can give excuses to escape. However, excuses will only buy more time, and you can use them to complete the assignment. Some of these excuses include;

A) Fake Sickness

This is a good excuse that you can give days before the homework deadline. It is best if you can provide a document to show that you have a doctor’s appointment.  

B) Crashed computer.

Computers are prone to crash at any time; hence the professor will understand it, giving you more time to complete the homework.

C) You could not locate the homework

Many courses are online nowadays, and some systems are very complicated to locate the assignment. This can be a good excuse to avoid homework.

2) Form a group discussion.

Group discussion is an effective way of covering your homework in a short time. Research has shown that it becomes easier when the assignment is done in a group, and students tend to understand better. The challenging part here is finding members who are willing to join you.

A group will also motivate you to bring out the best. Contributing to solving problems in groups prepares you not only for exams but also for your future career.

3) Find a cool place to do your assignment.

Finding a cool place away from destruction will make you do your homework when you don’t want to. There is a direct relationship between the best performance in a task and the location when performing that task. Some of the best places you can find are;

  • A special place in the house.
  • A coffee shop
  • Outside in the compound
  • Under a shade
  • At the dining table night

4) Start doing the homework early.

Starting your work earlier will make it easy for you to accomplish the task in time. If you don’t want to feel anxious and stressed, starting the assignment early enough is better. However, this only works for assignments that allow as many attempts as possible. Other assignments are timed; hence starting earlier will not make a difference because you have to complete it within one sitting. If you feel like you cannot do your best in such a situation, visit our sign-up page and place your order. Our tutors will respond immediately.

5) Find an online tutor to help you with homework.

It would be best if you considered paying someone to do your homework when you don’t feel like it. This is because you don’t have to worry about excuses, deadlines, or anxiety. Our online tutors will help you do your assignment in time. All you have to do is give us log-in details for your class or materials needed.

At homeworkhive.com, we have been helping +20000 students to complete their homework since we started our services. We focus on online classes, quizzes, midterm exams, main exams, high school and college essays, bibliography essays, etc. We keep getting good ratings because our services are pocket-friendly, and we ensure that you don’t get disappointed.

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6) Accomplish easy tasks first.

The best way to accomplish hard tasks, according to James Clear of atomic habits is by attaching them to easy tasks that you can easily do. Accomplishing an easy task will give you the courage to do complex tasks.

7) Connect it with your hobby.

Another thing to do homework when you don’t want is to connect it with your hobby. It would help if you treated your hobby as a reward for finishing your homework. For instance, if you like swimming, you should give yourself a condition that you will only go swimming if you complete your assignment. Connecting hobbies with homework will give you the urgency to finish it so that you can do what you like most.

8) Make it enjoyable.

It is not easy to turn boring things into fun. But with homework, you can manage that. One way to make it fun is by listening to the music you like while doing the homework. Music will raise your dopamine levels; hence you won’t feel the boredom of doing the work. This is why people run with headphones on their heads. It makes them have fun while at the same time accomplishing hard tasks.

9) Set a specific time for doing assignments.

Lastly, you can set a specific time or day to do homework. At this time, you should ensure that you are free from destruction such as siblings, parents, phone, and TV. Assigning a specific time will make you disciplined in not only homework but also in life.

Why do I feel like I don’t want to do my homework?

You should not feel guilty for not being able to do your homework because most students feel this way. Studying is boring but getting good grades is enjoyable. Therefore, you should always find one reason to finish that work even if it means assigning someone to complete it for you. Some of the reasons for disliking homework include;

You don’t like the course.

If you don’t like the course you are doing, it is clear that you will not be motivated enough to complete the assignments given. Therefore, you should always do the courses that you like. If you must do a course that you don’t like, then find a tutor online with us who will help you through the course.

You have a job.

Doing a part-time job while studying is very demanding. Getting home tired from work while still having lots of homework is overwhelming. Hence, a side job could be the reason why you always feel unmotivated to complete the work.

You are not sure how you will perform.

Some students are not lazy; all they want is good grades but they are not sure how they will perform in assignments. Hence, they assign their homework to us, and we deliver the best grades they desire.


Although many students don’t agree with homework, I feel it is good because it keeps students’ academic records. It also helps the teacher to know the strength and weaknesses of their students.

However, if you are stuck with your assignment, you should seek help from our tutors who will help you complete it. Our services are available 24/7. Just click on the link below and place your order.

I don't want to do my homework.


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