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6 Paragraph Essay Outline

6-paragraph essay outline.

All of us need a place to start when it comes to writing college essays. Short essays such as 6-paragraph essays, 5-paragraph essays, or 4-paragraph essays are common for students to encounter in school. They teach students how to structure their work which may be applied to other papers.

To be adequately informed or convinced, the article should include some essential elements to flow logically. The format of a 6 paragraph essay contains an introductory paragraph, four body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.

Six paragraphs essay in a typical short article may offer readers sufficient information in a limited space. A few students might consider this an easy process, though others might take a lot of time to comprehend this simple building block of writing. Regardless, use the below guidelines to improve your knowledge of 6 paragraph essay format.

6-paragraph essay format.


Unless stated otherwise, a 6-paragraph essay should have a 12 font and times new roman. Every word should be written in black. Avoid using colored tests to insist because it makes the essay dull.


Most 6-paragraph essays are written in double spacing. The margin should be 1″ all around.


Before writing the heading, you need to write the cover page. On the left top corner, you should write your name, school’s name, teacher’s name, and the date you submit the assignment.


Use all cites you have listed at the end of the essay. Ensure you follows the format given by the instructor. Make sure to reference any statement in the essay that you borrowed from the scholar. You can use google scholar to get a citation in all writing formats. The citation should be well distributed on all pages. There should be at least one citation per page.

6 Paragraph essay outline.

6 paragraph essay outline
6-paragraph essay format

Introduction of a 6-paragraph essay.

Usually, the introductory paragraph aims to present the topics the writer will be addressing and offer readers some understanding of the arguments made. Thus, the introduction should set the tone for the essay, be catchy and introduce the topic.

There are many good ways to start an essay, but an excellent introductory paragraph consists of a thesis statement, background information, a link, and a hook.


The hook should catch the attention of the reader. When writing a hook, it should contain an interesting short story, fact, or phrase to grab the readers’ attention. An example of a lousy hook is: “eating healthy is boring.” This will not catch the attention of the reader.

To develop a good introduction hook, you can use a surprising fact or statistics, a question that provokes one thought, a fascinating historical event, or a provocative view of something.


 The link should connect the topic and thesis statement. 

Background information

background information must provide sufficient material about the essay’s topic to allow your readers to discern the subject better.


The best essay should be limited to a certain number of words, arguable by anyone, meaningful, and conscience. Your thesis statement is vital to the whole article because this is the writer’s argument. The thesis statement must state the essay’s topic, clarify the essay’s purpose, and offer a summary of the key supporting points in the paper. Likewise, the thesis statement must be the introductory paragraph’s last sentence. The last sentence of this paragraph should likewise be able to move the readers to the first paragraph of the essay’s body.

Body Paragraph of a 6 paragraph essay. (paragraphs 1 and 2)

The paragraph should present a claim, evidence, and explanation for each point raised. The paragraph must start with a topic sentence, which pinpoints a specific fact that will be evaluated as the thesis statement’s proof or support. The following sentences must utilize detailed information illustrated through thoroughly linked evidence or examples to explain and expand the main point.

Overall, a well-developed paragraph has around 5 to 8 sentences, and every paragraph must have all ideas closely linked to the topic sentence besides improving the topic sentence. As such, each sentence in the paragraph should be fused and have a dominant idea or point. The last statement in this paragraph should conclude all the points you have explained in the paragraph is appropriate at the end of this section.

Paragraph 3: Body Paragraph

In paragraph three, or any ensuing body paragraph, you should present a new idea that resonates with the main topic. As you consolidate the essay, you must consider its coherence. This denotes the links among ideas and paragraphs—the systematic sequence of the contents.

Also, you should present one argument in each paragraph to avoid overwhelming readers with excessive information in one paragraph. Thus, transition phrases or words must be applied at the beginning of the paragraphs to shift from one specific argument to the other within the sections.

Coherence is hence the most critical part during the correction stage of writing.

Paragraph 4: Body Paragraph

These paragraphs must be in the same format as the other primary body paragraphs. It is important to note that if a student has 2 points interlinked between 2 paragraphs at the end of the first one, they must write a sentence that can systematically flow from the earlier paragraph.

This paragraph typically starts with the topic sentence that links to the significant point stated in the thesis statement. Every paragraph must have a new primary idea. Expounding the main idea with great details, relevant support, and examples is essential. Students should ensure to keep paragraph unity. That is, every sentence should interlink with your topic sentence.

Conclusion of a 6-paragraph essay.

The conclusion of a 6-paragraph essay reevaluates the general aim of writing and frequently invites the reader to examine the inferences of why ideas are important. It is the summary of all the points discussed in the essay. It might reiterate the thesis, summarize the major points of the paper, or leave the student with a final thought to deliberate.

If you opt to summarize the essay’s main ideas or restate the thesis, do not use the exact phrasing from the body paragraphs or introduction. Also, it would be best to consider not presenting new, unconnected concepts in the conclusion.

What to know when writing a 6-paragraph essay.

In sum, a good writer balances distinctions and divisions in their task between one paragraph and the next and the significance of links and coherence between these topics and ideas. However, the most critical factor in defining the essay structure is the title provided.

A student must consider that the 6-paragraph framework may be expanded to incorporate more body paragraphs that deeply examine more to the topic. Following this 6-paragraph essay structure in your assignment will be simple to follow and read, significantly developing your likelihood of scoring more marks. The core to success in this type of essay is how you connect all the primary body paragraphs in the paper.

Since a student needs to write a required number of paragraphs, they should thus easily plan the essay. This is crucial for success as it becomes a model for students to refer back to as they write.

How many pages should a 6- paragraph essay be?

The number of pages depends on the font and spacing between words. Usually, a paragraph should be a 2-page essay double spaced and 12-font. However, if you use very long paragraphs, which is sally not advised, you can write up to 3 pages.

For single-spaced texts, you will write a 1-page essay. Unlike double-spaced, single-spaced requires many words on one page.

How long should it take to write a 6-paragraph essay?

The speed of writing a 6 paragraph essay depends on your experience in writing and typing speed. For experienced people, it will take a maximum of 1hr to write it. Newbies might take 3 hours because you need a lot of time to prepare and organize your points.

In addition, if you type slowly, it will take a long for you to complete the essay. For someone who types fast, it will only take a maximum of 1hr having organized points.

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