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Best Online General Chemistry Tutor.

Many students find it challenging to pass general chemistry classes because of the complex structures and calculations involved in inorganic chemistry. Getting a general chemistry tutor to help you with your assignment is the best way to ensure you pass your online class.

What is general chemistry?

Inorganic chemistry, also known as General chemistry is a branch of chemistry that deals with anything else in chemistry apart from organic molecules. This might include chemical equations and calculations such as enthalpy, entropy, Gibbs energy, and calorimetry, among others.

Is general chemistry hard?

Chemistry is considered a tough subject, and general chemistry or inorganic chemistry is no exception. However, the difficulty between organic and inorganic chemistry depends on the individual. The two main branches of chemistry are organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry.

Organic chemistry involves molecules, reactions, and synthesis, while general chemistry is mostly calculations. This is why many students who are good at mathematics will perform better in general chemistry because they are familiar with complex formulas. On the other hand, students taking biology and biochemistry classes may find it challenging to solve inorganic chemistry problems. But with guidance and good training, you can pass as well.

Hiring an inorganic chemistry tutor makes your work easier because you don’t have to be worried about passing that class. In addition, a good tutor will make your college life easier by taking all your chemistry quizzes, assignments, and exams.

What do you learn in general chemistry or inorganic chemistry?

General chemistry is a vast subject. Therefore, many programs are tailored to achieve a certain goal and objective. However, some common topics must be covered when taking an inorganic chemistry course. Some of these topics are discussed below;

Common inorganic topics that our Inorganic chemistry tutor(s) have specialized in.

Unit and measurements.

Chemistry is all about matter and how it interacts with the environment. There are three types of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. To know how they interact with the environment, they must be quantified.

For instance, one has to measure the volume of a solid to know its density. Using a ruler to measure length requires knowledge about significant numbers and decimal places. Regarding liquid, various apparatus can be used to find the volume of liquid. Some apparatus are specific, and some are not.

Therefore, this topic helps review the standard units of measurement and how to report these measurements in correct significant numbers. Correct measurements give correct data and hence accurate results.

The atom

The atom is the backbone of chemistry because to know how matter interacts, we have to know the behavior of the atom. In this topic, you will learn about the periodic table and why the atoms are arranged the way they are on the periodic table.

You also get to learn the subatomic particles of an atom, such as neutrons, electrons, and protons. This is useful because the interaction of these sub-atomic particles affects the behavior of atoms. In recent studies, scientists have used quantum numbers to explain the behavior of atoms.

Bonding of atoms.

Atoms are connected to one another via bonds. These bonds are made due to the interaction between the outer electrons of two atoms. When atoms form bonds, it forms a molecule. This molecule has different characteristics as compared to the individual atoms.

There are various types of bonds, but you will only learn about covalent and ionic bonds for an introduction to chemistry. These are the most common bonds found in many compounds.

Bonding and atom involve some calculations too. An example is:

  • Using the relationship 1 amu = 1.661 x 10-24 g, calculate the mass in grams of an average atom of gold (Au).
  • From the periodic table, the atomic mass unit of gold is 197.0amu
  • So, 1 amu = 1.661 x 10-24 g
  • What of 197.0 amu
  • =197.amu x (1.661 x 10-24 g/1mau) = 3.272×10-22g
  • mass in grams of an average atom of gold (Au).= 3.272×10-22g

Chemical formula and equations.

Chemical formulas and equations are very important in general chemistry. This is because it helps to predict the outcome of a reaction. We can also quantify the amount of product formed based on a balanced chemical equation.

You also get to know the type of reaction taking place. Examples of reactions include;

  • Ba + 2HCl—-→ BaCl2 + H2——————————Single displacement
  • 4Al + 3O2—–→ 2Al2O3———————————Synthesis reaction
  • 2NaOH + H2SO4—-→ Na2SO4 + 2H2O —————Neutralization reaction
  • Cu + 2AgNO3 —→ Cu(NO3)2 + 2Ag——————-Single displacement
  • Pb(NO3)2 + 2KI —–→ PbI2 + 2KNO3——————Double displacement reaction
  • Na2CO3 —-→ Na2O + CO2—————————–Decomposition reaction
  • 3Mg + N2—–→ Mg3N2———————————Synthesis reaction

States of matter.

In this topic, you will learn calculations involving ideal gases. How to find the volume of a gas given temperature, pressure, and mass. You will also learn about the three gas laws; Charles law, Boyles law, and Avogadro’s law. These three laws describe how gases behave in different conditions.

Thermochemistry and thermodynamics.

Thermochemistry deals with heat transfer and entropy processes in chemical equations. In this chapter, you will learn how to calculate the heat involved in a particular process. In addition, other things, such as Gibbs’s energy and internal energy, are calculated in this unit.

Oxidation-reduction reaction and acid-base reaction.

Here, you will learn how to balance reactions in acidic or basic mediums. In addition, you will know how to calculate the PH for weak acids and weak bases, which is different from strong acids and strong bases.

Nuclear reaction.

This is the last topic in general chemistry. You will learn to write nuclear fusion and fission equations. Other things such as half-life, rate constant, and initial and final amount of a substance in the decay process are also covered in this topic.

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How to prepare for general chemistry.

The following tips will help you in not only inorganic chemistry but also organic chemistry in college.

Understand the atom.

This is the most basic yet the most important part of general chemistry. Understanding the atoms means understanding how electrons behave and interact with another atom’s electrons, why atoms lose electrons while others gain when forming octets, and how electrons are shared or transferred in ionic or metallic bonds.

Read before class

Reading before class will help you not only in chemistry but in other subjects as well. Most students ignore this, yet it is a trick that works. If you spare 30 mins before class and go through your notes, it will help you understand the class better.

Attend classes

Class attendance is not just about physical appearance. But rather making sure that you attend and participate in class. This will help you be on par with your fellow students. Clearly, students who attend classes are more likely to pass than those who do not attend.

Ask question.

This is also another trick that works well. You are supposed to ask questions where you feel you need clarity. However, for students who study online, sometimes it is difficult to ask a question and get an instant response. This is why we encourage you to ask for chemistry help from our tutors. We have online chemistry expert tutors who will guide you where you are stuck.

Hire an expert and ” pay someone to do my online chemistry for me.”

The other way to pass online or face-to-face classes or homework is by hiring a general chemistry tutor to do your chemistry class. This is the surest way to pass chemistry classes. We ensure that our students are satisfied by updating them on weekly grades. In rare cases, when the results are not satisfying, we can allow you to get another tutor from us or offer a refund. 

Many websites lie to you about helping you get an expert, but all they do is just take your money. Here, we give you value for your money. Our experts have been trained in handling students’ homework and upholding integrity. Your log-ins can never be shared with a third party. Pay us to do your homework, and we will deliver the best grade for your class.

Importance of studying general chemistry.

Chemistry is in everything that we interact with in our daily life. Whether it is food, clothes, drugs we take for medication, the air we breathe, etc. The following are some importance of studying chemistry;

You become knowledgeable:

 Knowing chemistry helps you to understand your surroundings and ow do things happen the way they do. You will appreciate the importance of keeping the environment clean and balanced.

Career as a chemist

One may also choose to be a chemist in laboratories such as a forensic lab. As a chemist, you can be employed in the labs as a technician, laboratory analyst, or quality control officer.

Become a researcher.

Chemistry is vast, and research has never come to an end. Therefore, one can choose to be a researcher in chemistry to impact the world.

Become a lecturer

This is also another option for students taking chemistry. You can choose to do a Ph.D. and become a lecturer at any university in the country.

Things to consider when selecting the general chemistry tutor.

The following are key things to consider when hiring a general chemistry tutor.


This is the most important thing when assigning someone to do your chemistry class. A reliable tutor will ensure that all the assignments are submitted on time.


A good tutor should be able to respond to all your concerns promptly. In addition, the tutor should communicate with you about your assignment’s progress and performance.

Be able to maintain good grades.

You do not want to get a tutor who does not maintain consistency in grades. A good tutor should be able to maintain 80% and above in all quizzes, assignments, and exams. Getting different grades every time will make your instructor suspect someone is taking the class for you.


A qualified tutor will deliver the best grades you desire, while an unqualified one will waste your money. Hiring our qualified tutors is the surest way of passing your class. We have thorough scrutiny when hiring our tutors. This is why students leave good reviews in the past. 

Where can I get a general chemistry tutor?

Many students wonder where they can get reliable general chemistry tutors to do their homework. The truth is that getting a good tutor is not easy. Most of them masquerade online as professional chemistry tutors only to give them their homework and get disappointed. With us, you are sure that you will get help.

Homeworkhive.com has many tutors who have been helping students with not only general chemistry but also organic chemistry homework. We have been able to take online chemistry classes for many students since we started the operation.

Why do you need a general chemistry tutor?

The following are the reasons why you need a general chemistry tutor to handle all your homework.

  • You are sure of getting an A.
  • You will not be stressed about homework anymore.
  • Reduces the anxiety of getting poor grades.
  • You focus on other things that also matter.

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