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50 Best Psychology Extended Essay Topics.

Extended Psychology Essay Topics.

Psychology is a common subject that cuts across almost all courses in college. This is due to its applicability in different areas such as health, business, sports, school, and many more. The most common way of explaining a concept in psychology is by writing an essay.

Before writing an essay in psychology, you are supposed to come up with a topic that is captivating. You can choose either short topics or an extended psychology essay. Extended topics are the best because you are able to come up with clear points to demonstrate your thoughts.

The topics you choose should be the ones that you feel most comfortable with. In addition, it should e one that you can do research about and get information from the internet. We have compiled 50 interesting and easy topics for you.

Below are some 50 excellent psychology extended essay topics:

  1. Instant anger and aggressive behavioral patterns: What are the few known psychological techniques for curing these?
  2. why do many people fear rejection?
  3. Application of psychology in determining the connection between animals and humans?
  4. Addiction psychology: Does addiction starts and ends in the mind?
  5. What causes obsessive-compulsive disorder, and how can it be cured?
  6. How does the social setting affect people’s productivity?
  7. Comment on examination and solutions of the significant socio-psychological issues of contemporary society
  8. Borderline physic and anxiety disorders: Are they dual entities unique to each other?
  9. Explain the psychological bases of heredity of individual properties.
  10. How might abortion affect the psychological health of an adolescent girl? How might guardians help their child to manage stress?
  11. What are the psychological resources for adaptation to traumatic circumstances for adolescents?
  12. What is epilepsy and the psychological philosophies surrounding it?
  13. Can psychology be used to cure sexual dysfunction patients?
  14. Discuss in detail whether panic attacks can be categorized as psychological illnesses?
  15. The psychological limitations that cause an individual to abuse a child sexually.
  16. The psychological aspect: Unstable but intense sexual relations
  17. What is the connection between physiological disorder and stress, and can we apply that understanding to manage stress?
  18. To what degree does psychology offer valid reasons for altruistic behaviour
  19. What impact do autistic relatives have on their non-autistic relatives
  20.  Is it likely to define what causes autism?
  21. Which interferences are most effective in assisting autistic kids in better everyday functioning?
  22. What are the challenges of finding certain genetic factors which can calculate a risk for Autism?
  23.  What psychological principles support a person’s information security?
  24. A comparison of the effectiveness of individualized counseling and family counseling in the treatment of anorexia.
  25.  What are the impacts of the interference of the circadian jetlag cycle, and how can the impacts be evaded?
  26. The level to which socio-cultural or biological aspects describe the basis of homosexuality.
  27. To what point do guardians’ style of discipline impact the kids’ temperament?
  28.  New York schools founded on a humanistic education technique are likewise in line with the cognitive framework.
  29. To what point has Criminal Profiling advanced techniques of investigation in homicide cases
  30.  To what degree is Schizophrenia not a useful mental construct?
  31. Is hypnosis an efficient cure for pain relief?
  32.  An assessment of the efficiency of subliminal marketing on purchasing habits.
  33. Where kids have been cared for due to family challenges, is it usually better to focus on returning kids to the biological mother?
  34. To what degree are the anorexia causes the outcome of cultural aspects?
  35. How vital is fathering to kids?
  36. Are single-parent homesteads unavoidably dysfunctional?
  37. Can depression be considered a disease or a dysfunctional technique of thinking?
  38. What are the risks and importance of SSRI drugs?
  39. Can autism be ‘an extreme form of the male brain’? – How far is it accurate that autism has a biological foundation?
  40. How great does the absence of a ‘theory of mind’ describe the characteristic issues of people with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD)?
  41. An association of various ASD therapeutic interventions
  42. ‘Oppositional Defiant Disorder’ – an identification for kids grownups cannot control? -Consideration of the ethical issues and arguments around prescribing drugs to kids with ADHD and linked challenges
  43. How do people react to traumatic life encounters? Is it essential to confront previous terrors, or is it better to suppress or deny them in leading a rationally fruitful or happy later life?
  44. What do people understand concerning the connection between mental health and stress disorders, and can people apply that understanding to adapt to depression?
  45. To what degree does psychology offer solid discussion for altruistic conduct?
  46. What influence do autistic siblings possess on their non-autistic siblings? Is it probable to find what leads to autism?
  47. What involvements are most effective in assisting autistic kids towards a more incredible everyday performance?
  48. The complexities of identifying particular genetic aspects that may foresee an Autism threat.
  49. An evaluation of the efficiency of family and personalized counseling in the anorexia cure
  50. How can survivors of stroke be assisted to restore their cognitive performance or compensate for the absent loss of memory?

The above 50 psychology extended essay topics will help you if you are struggling with choosing a topic for your essay. We have compiled them based on the competitiveness and ease of writing essays. If you are stuck in writing an essay on any topics above, you are free to reach out to us and get experienced writers who will deliver a top-notch paper for you.

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