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4-Paragraph Essay Outline, Write-up, and an Example.

4-paragraph essay Outline.

This is a piece of writing that is allowed in most essays. It is not the shortest, but it is among the shortest formats to write an essay. A 4 paragraph essay outline should be precise and direct to the point. You need to focus on the subject when writing it. Thorough research before writing will enable you to bring out the points clearly in a summarized form, and understand the time you need to type the work.

This type of essay is composed of a starter paragraph, in which you need the objectives and the hypothesis declaration, followed by two paragraphs with supporting evidence also known as the body, and a conclusion paragraph.

Can an essay have four paragraphs?

YES! An essay can have as low as three paragraphs, leave alone four! A four-paragraph essay is approximately six hundred words, equivalent to two pages. The speed of writing a 4-paragraph essay depends on your focus, subject, the kind of research you have conducted, and your typing speed.

If you are an amateur, it might take four hours to finish the essay because you will take time to prepare for the main points. All in all, it is better to take time and write a good essay.

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4-paragraph essay outline.

 A plan is like a lamplight that provides light in a dark path. Before starting the essay, the subject is too dark for your mind to see the points. When you begin your research paper, you will have to write short notes that carry the critical points you are focusing on in the subject. These points will guide you throughout the essay writing process.

In your plan, have the introduction part, which bears the attention-capturing declaration, the contextual info of the subject, and the thesis declaration. The body paragraphs will have significant ideas, evidence, and your point of view. The conclusion will bear the summary of the essay and the findings from the thesis.

6 helpful tips to write a perfect four-paragraph essay.

Professionals are focused and time conscious. To write an essay like a pro, you need to;

1) Focus on the subject.

Talking about the arising questions in a brief and precise manner. The other thing is to ensure that you are not giving irrelevant examples that will deviate you from the subject.

2) Avoid grammatical errors.

If you need to include any quote, ensure that it is correct and in line with the subject. Your language should also be proper; that is, avoid short forms because they are not formal, and first singular and plural, and avoid second pronouns in the essay for easy conveying of the message. Your sentences should be clear to understand.

3) Do research before writing.

Thorough research helps you to come up with points that you want to focus on. In addition, they will help you have an easy time writing the essay.

4) Ensure you cite and reference your work.

Any academic paper must borrow some study from other scholars to act as a reference. It is good to quote and cite your work to avoid being mistaken for plagiarism.

5) Avoid plagiarism.

The easiest way to get poor grades is by plagiarising your work. In fact, one may be expelled from school for plagiarizing an essay. It is better to submit your assignment late than copy-pasting work from another academia.

6) Go through your work after finishing.

Lastly, you need to go through your work after finishing it. This will help you correct some grammatical or sentence structure errors. You can also add or remove some points that you will not necessary.

4 ways to write a four-paragraph essay fast.

The pace of writing an essay depends on several factors such as;

1) Understand the given subject.

It is much easier to write an essay about a topic that you understand than one that you are not familiar with. Before writing an unfamiliar topic, you will require a lot of time to gather points that you can write about.

2) Do research before starting

As mentioned above, thorough research acts as a guide when writing an essay. Having a piece of background information about the given topic will help you write an essay fast and clearly.

3) The calmness of your environment when writing.

Writing essays requires an environment that is free from destruction. You need to set aside time so that you will not face a lot of destruction from your siblings or pet. The best place to complete it fast is by doing it in the library in school or at home when no one is around.

4) The speed of writing or typing.

This might sound awkward but it is actually true. Even if you have your points laid out, you might end up taking longer to complete an essay. A person who types faster and has content flowing will type the essay faster.

These essay writing strategies ensure that you write your essay fast enough. Understanding your subject and having all the points in place gives you the flow of thoughts and you will not be perambulating looking for points. The surrounding’s calmness helps you to focus more, increasing your speed. The transitional phrases quickly connect one point to the other and bring out the flow.

4-Paragraph essay example.

Are humans Inherently Good or Evil essay?

The argument of whether humans are inherently evil or good is controversial since it includes the human species and people’s nature of being evil or good and is likewise very uncertain. For many years, philosophers have argued whether humans have a good nature, ruined by society, or an evil nature that civilization fights back against. Individuals’ nature is the conviction that humans have natural tendencies or instincts regarding how they feel and act. Plato notes that evil behaviors are done only due to ignorance. Accordingly, it is essentially against people’s nature to be evil. Thus evil cannot survive in the people’s hearts. Applying this saying to whether individuals are naturally evil or good, it is established that it is problematic that humans are undoubtedly evil. The harmful acts might be because of a lack of knowledge of their surroundings or society’s values. Human beings are born good because they subconsciously act, think, and feel; besides, it is not until they are taught otherwise that humans transform to show an evil personality.

Conferring to the Pragmatic Truth Theory, people are assumed to be naturally good beings. The pragmatic truth model explains that individuals make their truths through encounters like people accumulate money and muscle. This theory notes that facts are not necessarily absolute or fixed, yet human beings develop truths through individual encounters. Likewise, the pragmatic model proposes that it is true if something is successful, beneficial, or works. Linking this philosophy with the debate if people are innately evil or good, one might say that it is likewise easy to note that individuals are good and evil. James William disproves this concept, and as a pragmatic theorist explained, if a judgment or idea makes a practical positive difference in individuals’ lives, then it is true.

The reverse is opposing. Hence humans may be just as simply good as well as evil. In James’s quote, he notes that if an item develops a good difference in somebody’s life, it is true. If that thing produces a positive difference, it could be good and not evil. We could link this with the debate humans are naturally good since saying they are certainly well established and have a practical and positive impact on the lives of several people. It is constructive since trusting that human beings, our origin species, are good might make a clean mind for yourself and others. More so, this creates a concept that we humans can be good because we are good.

According to the Pragmatic Truth Theory, human beings are inherently good in the manners they feel, act, and think. And due to the perspective that certainties are factual if they positively influence an individual’s life, generating naturally good humans and the encounters people go through shape their conviction in if humans are intrinsically evil or good. Without experiencing each possible situation and living life, there is no opportunity for anyone to validate themselves as being logically evil. No one is born with evil, and it is achieved throughout the life journey, demonstrating that goodliness is received. The human species is proven to be naturally good due to the illustrations and content of these models. Contrarily, a few experts note that human beings are essentially evil, yet they fail to perceive that there are bad ones with each group of people. Finally, human beings are innately good according to the latter philosophical models, their instances, and the content they exemplify. There is an endless natural expression in humans’ moral choosing that benefits people and a corresponding instinctual innocence and simplicity that lives in all humanity. As such, human fear and ignorance form the human’s evil nature.

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