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 60+ Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

Microeconomics research paper topics.

what is microeconomics

Microeconomics is a branch of economics that deals with individuals, firms, and companies’ approaches to decision-making and allocation of resources. Other factors such as government regulations, law, taxation, and government regulation are considered. It is a bottom-up approach in that its main focus is to check the customers’ needs and how resources can be allocated.

Importance of microeconomics in today’s life

-its application may not only be applied in a big company but also at an individual level. An example is deciding whether to continue with a postgraduate or take a career path. In this decision-making, money plays a big role. If the resources are limited, you will likely take a route that will cost you less. Another example is when looking for an apartment. You have to make a calculated microeconomics decision on which apartment will suit your budget.

Likewise, in an organization, one has to decide which product is better to go for when presented with the option. Before coming to a decision, you have to consider things such as the choice of the consumers and what they prefer.

How to select microeconomics research paper topics

Now, every economics learner must write research papers at the college or university level. Coming up with topics is not an easy task, but if you follow the following steps, you can come up with the best topics for your research paper.

Understand the task

The first thing is to understand the task at hand. Before writing anything, it is good to understand what exactly you want to write about. Do a little bit of research and get the topic you are familiar with.

Do some research.

With the availability of the internet, you can do thorough research and get a good topic for your research paper. This will make your work easier because it will give you a rough idea of what is required. A researchable topic will also come in handy because you will gather a lot of information that you can write.

Select a topic that has been written before.

Suppose it is difficult for you to come up with a new topic. You can get a topic that has been researched before. Although this is a shortcut, you have to be careful to come up with plagiarized work.

Fresh idea

Suppose you are a confident student. You can choose to go for a fresh Idea that has not been tackled before. It will give you a difficult time, but you will learn a lot. Every reader is always happy to read ideas because old ones are boring.

60+ best microeconomics research paper topics.

The following are examples of microeconomics research papers topics that you can do research about it.

College microeconomics research paper topics.

  1. Impact of china’s goods on the global economy.
  2. Should America be scared of china’s economic growth?
  3. Impact of Russia Ukraine war on the global economy.
  4. How does religion influence the economy?
  5. How Covid-19 has shaped the economy of the world.
  6. Consumer demand theory.
  7. How Covid-19 changed people’s perception of goods and services.
  8. Impact of local manufacturing on society.
  9. Do oil prices affect the economy of a nation?
  10. The benefit of social media in business.
  11. Contribution of a non-governmental organization to society.
  12. The law of diminishing returns in our daily life.
  13. How to establish market equilibrium?
  14. Price elasticity of demand.
  15. Benefits of social media in small businesses.

University microeconomics research paper topics

  1. Effects of gambling on the economy.
  2. Product theory supply in microeconomics.
  3. Consumer taste and preference vs quality.
  4. How changes in consumer taste affect business.
  5. Advantages of production over importation.
  6. Impact of too much importation of goods to a country.
  7. Quantitative economics
  8. How natural calamities affect the running of a nation.
  9. E-money and its effects in developing countries.
  10. How online businesses have changed the economy.
  11. The elasticity of supply in microeconomics.
  12. How does cryptocurrency affect the economy?
  13. China’s role in the global economy.
  14. Russia vs. Ukraine war and its effects on oil prices.
  15. Distribution of tax between consumers and producers.
  16. Monopoly vs. oligopoly.
  17. Different types of price discrimination.
  18. Importance of circular economy.
  19. Allocative efficiency in economics.
  20. Role of microeconomics in revenue allocation.

Postgraduate microeconomics research paper topics

  1. Effects of migration on the economy.
  2. Sustainability of non-profit organizations past covid-19
  3. Impacts of terrorism on the global economy.
  4. Impact of youth drug abuse on the economy of a country.
  5. Impact on mainstream media on decision making of a consumer.
  6. How does tourism improve the economy of a country?
  7. How sports contribute to the economy of the country.
  8. The most profitable sports in the world.
  9. How social media has increased financial indiscipline.
  10. Profit maximization in rural areas.
  11. The future of cryptocurrency.
  12. How does microeconomics view
  13. Consequences of inflation in the economy of a nation.
  14. Government role in ensuring the sustainability of business.
  15. Factors that affect the pricing of commodities in the USA.

Interesting microeconomics research paper topics.

  1. Impacts of urbanization on the economy
  2. Dynamic and statistics market efficiency.
  3. The application of elasticity to economics.
  4. Perfect competition in a market economy. ‘
  5. How individual behavior influences product marketing.
  6. Impacts of bureaucracy on socio-economic development.
  7. The negative impact of monopolization
  8. Ways of preventing bankruptcy in a business.
  9. How to establish an equilibrium between the production of goods and supply?
  10. Product maximization.
  11. What is quantitative economics?
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