What is an informative essay?

This paper seeks to do a detailed definition, outline, and examples of some informative essay topics. An informative essay is one of the essays that a student must encounter in school. In these types of essays, you are required to express information about something in detail. Many students tend to fumble when it comes to writing it.

An informative essay is a type of composition or an academic paper where you use facts to describe or give info about an item, an animal, a city, a mountain, or any other thing you can think about.

When dealing with this kind of essay, you need adequate research to deliver the required facts to inform your reader about that very thing you are talking about. Most readers aim to get facts about a specific thing such as an animal or the item you write about. While writing this paper, you should indicate the citations to show the source of your info. This will also ease your work while generating the bibliography.

Informative essay outline.

This being the main point of focus in an assignment at any academic level, you need to pay attention to several things before composing your paper. Before dealing with the outline, you need to ask yourself, where do I begin? How will I carry out the research? Which source should I trust? When do I start writing? Then how do I outline my work?

How to write an informative essay like a pro.

The genesis point is to understand the style you will use to write the essay from your lecturer. I mean to get to know if it is a convincing, informative, challenging type of essay. Since we are focusing on an informative article, you need to see the definition as defined earlier, bring out the aim or the purpose of the given essay title, also explain in detail the facts you found from research concerning the title.

It would be best if you came up with reasons which are convincing as well as factual enough through the research. Always aim at educating or revealing an inevitable truth that is unknown to your audience

How to carry out research for an informative essay?

How you do your research should help you gather relevant info in an exciting manner. It is a step of new discovery, if dealing with a book note the sheet numbers, subtitles, and the title of the book itself. If you are using the internet note the web links.

Sources to use when writing an informative essay.

Mostly you will find yourself preferring the internet to books. The reliable sources are “google scholar”, PubMed, or any other search engine you may be told of except Wikipedia. The reliable sources mentioned gives a variety of info sources. it indicated the number of times the paper has been cited. The more the number of times the paper has been cited, the more reliable it is. From the research, include several sources to back up your facts in the essay.

Outline of an informative essay.

As stated earlier, an outline is a guide of the whole work you are dealing with, it gives you the spotlight to follow from the beginning to the end of your essay. The outline also includes the font styles you are supposed to use, especially the times new roman, the spacing, both paragraphs, and lines, which should allow corrections to be made easily. And finally, consider the font size which is 12.

Title selection.

Think of a good title that will not burden you. Ensure that the title is persuasive enough or attractive enough to let the readers keep their eyes fixed on the paper.


 This is the first part of your essay, and it should have an eye-hooking statement. This is the opening statement which may be a rhetorical question, some statistical figures, a quote, etc. The hook should not trouble your mind to come up with because it’s just a unique statement that enables your readers to stick to the work till the end. The introduction is also an important point to introduce your title using the background info facts from the reliable sources you obtained during your research.

Hypothesis statement

This is another critical point that is supposed to back up your hook statement since it is where facts trickle in. the hypothesis gives your reader the knowledge of what you are researching on. It kind of shows the purpose of what you are writing about.


These are the aims of your study. You can aim to inform, educate, clarify facts, or advise your audience. The objectives should be supported by reliable proof. Have several goals that will not limit you from researching. The objectives also help you to generate your hypothesis statements.

Data presentation

 This is where you present your points in paragraphs. Your main point should be the hook opening statement in each of the paragraphs you will have in your essay. The second statement of the paragraph should be the hypothesis statement that is backed up by pieces of evidence to support it then the last part is a transitioning statement that connects the points in the first paragraph to the next paragraph.


 Give a summary of the main points you have discussed in the paragraphs. This should give the reader the whole cracked down points in a brief and clear way. The reader should, at this point be able to get the vital facts you featured in the essay in a clear way in case they missed out on any.


Below are examples of informative essay topics handled at various levels of education and at various events as well as featuring some funny (full of sarcasm and irony) topics.


  1. Effects of Depression in most college students.
  2. COVID-19 pandemic pros and cons
  3. Effects of Community relations such as social media on teenagers.
  4. Causes, prevention, and handling Adolescent prenatal period
  5. Action upon Domestic ferocity, prevention, and dealing with it.
  6. Dbq essay e.g Why do most people prefer Plastic surgical treatment?
  7. Ingestion conditions.
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of virtual learning
  9. How does lack of enough sleep affect your mental health?
  10. Cold war among families.
  11. I-human case studies.


  1. The contribution cutting down of trees has on climate change.
  2. Why do some students assault others?
  3. Splendor standards in various countries
  4. Effects of cybercrime and its dangers
  5. The postponing illness.
  6. Contribution of modernization to the changes in students
  7. How is life improved by spontaneity?
  8. Understanding the importance of making use of every moment.
  9. Why are planning and organization help your score in school?
  10. Relationship between working effectively and listening to music.
  11. Nature vs nurture essay.


  1. In the animal kingdom which is your favorite?
  2. The beauty of a family.
  3. How to enjoy school activities?
  4. Effects of having a cell phone as a student.
  5. The best birthday surprise.
  6. Healthy eating at home.
  7. My favorite recipe.
  8. A shocking encounter in my life.
  9. Importance of having a coach on a football team.
  10. Discover new ways of making pizza.


  1. Benefits of having a good trainer in a match.
  2. Facts you need to know about rugby.
  3. How are team-based games important in school?
  4. How has westernization influenced sports?
  5. Controlling sports in school as the sports captain.
  6. Both males and females should be given equal chances in athletics.
  7. Did you know that sports are an enlightening activity?
  8. Engaging in sports is a stress reliever.
  9. Sports are known to boost self-esteem and confidence.
  10. There is a link between academic excellence and sports.


  1. Snoring while sleeping is good.
  2. Happy to know my hobby.
  3. A shocking story that ends up like a dream.
  4. Your arms can help you fly.
  5. Did you know that men have a similar average number of beards?
  6. Ten ways to behave while watching a romantic movie with your parents.
  7. Rudeness is a principle to get you out of trouble.
  8. Kids know a lot more than adults.
  9. Jokes that will make your parents laugh even if they do not do jokes.
  10. Did you know that you can eat what you hate?
  11. Stress increases weight.
  12. How strong are your teeth?
  13. Giving direction while carrying stranded.
  14. A bicycle can carry two hundred kilograms
  15. A tenant-landlord fights.
  16. Your hairs are dead cells.

INFORMATIVE ESSAY TOPICS:  for elementary students,

  1. Your terrifying moments alone.
  2. The fear of the unknown.
  3. Your favorite cloth.
  4. Importance of first aid services.
  5. Types of toy games used by adults.
  6. what is the best car in USA?
  7. How do you become brave in a terrified state?
  8. Talk about your favorite animal as a pet.
  9. Define a good weekend to you.
  10. What is good about fantasy?
  11. An adventure to an island.
  12. What is your favorite television program?
  13. Have you ever apologized for what you didn’t do wrong?
  14. Describe your best friend’s hobby.
  15. A walk in an animal park.
  16. Enjoy your summer holidays.
  17. The best birthday gift you received.
  18. An encounter with wild animals.
  19. Dealing with your siblings.
  20. Who is your role model?
  21. Your favorite teacher.

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