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15 Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Many students hate doing assignments. A few students consider it time-consuming, others can whine about the busy timetable, whereas some think that homework is a tiresome job. However, If you have not completed the homework, you need to be well equipped with excuses for not doing it since all assignments given have deadlines.

 There are sure punishments such as marks deduction if a student fails to submit their work and does not have a conclusive explanation. Thus, one needs to give good excuses for not completing homework to be protected from a penalty. However, applying these excuses frequently may be dangerous because the teacher may be in doubt.

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Therefore, below are a list of fifteen excuses for not doing homework that may work well when one misses homework. The following list offers several options which may fit you perfectly.

1. I did not carry my notebook

This is among the most genuine and common excuses that one may apply. If it is the first time a student has missed his assignment, this trick may function well. Many students typically forget some of their notebooks in class when in a rush to go home. Thus, instructors might easily believe this reason. Ensure that you don’t overuse this excuse since it is irrational to forget your notebook every time you are assigned a task.

2. I could not finish the task Because I was Not Feeling well.

Diseases do not come with an invitation, and instructors know this very well. Hence, if you say that you failed to complete your task because you were sick, you wont get any marks deduction. The good thing is that even lecturers understand that one might be unable to do assignments due to illness. Thus this explanation can be used anytime.

3. I failed to do the homework Beacause I did Not comprehend the topic

This is a perfect explanation for courses that require formulas such as statistics, mathematics, and engineering. If you are assigned homework that you feel you did not understand. It is better to tell the teacher that you did not do it because you did not understand the concepts.

Ensure that you ask the teacher for an explanation in areas where you need clarification. In addition, request a time extension so that you can complete the task. If you still feel you cannot be able to do it, you can always assign our able tutors to help you with it.

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4. My little sibling shredded my notebooks

If you have a younger sister or brother probably of age between five and ten years, he/she may provide this reason for not doing the assignment. People usually complete their tasks but forget to pack up materials. If you are living with a minor, it is somewhat expected that they might pick the notebooks and play with them, not realizing how vital they are. Therefore, if one provides this explanation, the instructor might scold you for being careless. Yet, you may eventually be saved from receiving a penalty for not completing the task.

However, the excuses might not work well for assignments that are to be done online.

5. I was not present during that period

Most teachers hardly notice the number of students present in the class, and others do not care to go through the attendance list. Hence, absenteeism might apply as an explanation for missing homework. If you tell the teacher that you were absent on the day homework was given, the instructor can grant you extra time to finish the assignment.

6. Although I brought my assignment, I misplaced it

This explanation shows that you completed the homework but you have misplaced it. However, it only works for assignments that are turned in physically. I would however not encourage you to use this excuse because it might give an impression that you are careless hence getting marks deduction.

7. The computer was not functional the previous night.

You can perfectly give this excuse for assignments that are to be completed online. You can say that you had completed half of the work, but the laptop shut down unexpectedly. This explanation may reflect the issue with your computer, and the instructor might give you an extra day or two to complete the work.

8. I gave a friend my homework, but he did not show up today to return it.

You can create an imaginary peer who requires completed assignments to reference the subject he never understood. So, you may inform the teacher that your friend did not comprehend the area, so he requested the homework and assured you of returning before class time but did not. You must present it in a manner that the lecturer believes you were helping your classmate. The teacher may become angry yet eventually will consider the explanation for not doing the assignment. This works well for group assignments

9. I could not locate the assigned page in the course material.

Before justifying, one must consider risking tearing a page from the book from which the task was assigned. Tearing the page will make it appears like some of the pages are omitted from the coursebook. Thus, if you are justifying this case, you must not forget to take your coursebook. The teacher may request them to hand over the book to look for the task. Hence, if the teacher discovers the pages are missing, that is certainly not the students’ mistake, and they may be saved from the penalty for not doing the homework.

However, most school give/recommend online books to students hence it might not work in all cases.

10. I forgot my laptop in my father’s car..

This may rather be a good justification for not doing the assignment. It is normal for one to forget things. Thus you may tell the teacher that they had their laptop with them but mistakenly left it in their father’s car while they were being dropped. This is a good one and I have used it before.

11. I was unable to concentrate because my neighbour troubled me.

This may be the last excuse that a you may use for missing homework. You can tell the instructor that your neighbour had a bid party at night which made you uncormfortable to read. This works well if you can send an email to your professor a few hours before the deadline.

12. Somebody stole it out of my school bag

Pretending to be worried is necessary because learners precisely recall keeping it in the backpack right in the morning. Yet whenever they opened the bag in the classroom, they found that has disappeared. The teacher will believe it because it is a solid excuse, yet if they play it well, it may work as it identifies that anyone from the class may have taken it.

14. I was robbed as I was heading to school

If possible, it is paramount to shed a tear too, and the instructor will trust you and provide them with another opportunity to operate on it. Nonetheless, this excuse might not function every time as it is simple to catch out such fabricated excuses.

15. Communicate the truth.

However much good these excuses sound, the best thing is, to tell the truth. Tell that truth that you were cought up with work, but you are willing to submit it within time. Some lecturers prefer a student who tells the truth. In most cases, you will get a few marks decustion which might not have an impact on the overall grade.

Do these homework excuses sound good?

All these excuses for not doing homework can work very well, however, the best way is to assign an expert tutor to do the assignment for you. We have experts who will do your assignment at fair prices.

In addition, Instructors must thus ensure they will never assign excess homework in a short time.

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