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Perfect Expository essay example outline.

What is an expository essay, and how to write it?

Although different essays exist, an expository essay is conceivably among the most orderly ones. Expository is usually to describe or explain something. So an expository essay offers a clear, focused description of a certain process, topic, or set of thoughts.

An expository essay is typically a short assignment intended to test a person’s composition expertise or comprehension of a topic. In brief, the major concentration is on explaining the facts.

As such, there are some different ways of writing this essay. They include cause and effect, compare and contrast, problem and solution, and an extended definition.

Why it is important to write an expository essay.

Writing an expository essay enables learners to contemplate something they are already conversant with and create a clear position to communicate with other people in writing. In addition, it allows you to present facts about a specific topic. Therefore, the following paper will illustrate how an expository essay should be written and the writing tips for a good essay.

Outline of an expository essay:

  • Introduction– with a clear and well-written thesis statement.
  • Body paragraphs-which expand upon and support the points a writer made in their introduction.
  • Conclusion– which restates those ideas besides underscores the thesis.

The introductory paragraph should present the thesis statement clearly and well thought out. Therefore, an effective thesis statement is a sentence that communicates the essay’s position, context, and scope of the essay’s supporting paragraphs.

A person’s tone must be academic and objective. Whereas descriptive and narrative essays may take on passionate, familiar tones and artistic, expository essays conform to a neutral tone and conventional language.

One must stick to the truth. An expository essay is never the place to present the opinion—or even express the reality in a manner implied to shape or change the reader’s opinion. Often be sure of the proofs one is presenting.

That implies thoroughly examining the sources, cross-assessing them with other dependable sources, and appropriately citing each fact put forth as a fact. All in all, the expository essay format has to be well linked not to leave the reader speculating what the writer meant. They must keep the writing on point and the message clear.

Examples of expository essay topics

  • Explain the benefits of knowing a foreign language
  • How do social media affect real-life relationships?
  • The huge income gap between men and women with the same job?
  •  If you were the leader for the day, what rule would you implement and why?
  • Consequences of skipping classes.
  • Reasons for yawning.
  • Pets vs. Dogs
  • Are humans inherently good or evil?

Expository essay examples.

Expository essay example-Benefits of social media.

The following is an example of an expository essay, “are humans inherently good or bad” that you can use as an example when writing one. However, you cannot submit it as your own. If you are stuck with any type of essay, just visit our sign-up page, and we will be glad to help you.

Being linked with people worldwide is the leading technological blessing. This advancement has offered individuals the capacity to witness the world’s beauty by sitting in their comfort.

This life modernization is a subsequent impact of the internet that has amazed people differently. Together with bringing ease and comfort, technology has increased the living standards of humans around the universe.

While not everybody may individually encounter these realities, the arrival of social media has connected the gap. Also, social media has emerged as the most powerful communication medium in the twenty-first century.

People share and showcase their encounters regarding their lifestyle and the momentary transformation they experience daily through social media websites and pages. Hence, social media has become an advert source, filling the mind with thousands of information.

Therefore, this essay explains that social media is beneficial because of the advancement in social circles, availability of many opportunities, and the growth of exposure.

Developing a social circle is among the most highly and commonly witnessed benefits of social media. The different social media platforms enable an individual to open up to the world. Additionally, this allows the individual to connect with many people with similar interests.

More so, interaction with various individuals improves a person’s knowledge. It likewise adds to the person’s confidence and experience in conjunction with learning. This is because it is getting oneself entertained by several conversations only by sitting in front of a computer.

The unchanging choices that come across help people to know the difference between wrong and right. Professional and personal development are very different yet possible advantages of building a social circle.

Furthermore, individuals may experience different potential opportunities when familiar with several social accounts. These possibilities incorporate beneficial facts that additionally assist people in modifying their philosophy.

Different campaigns are controlled on social media podiums. However, these movements create a lot of support and encouragement for individuals mentally and emotionally. Besides, content or post can be shared thousand times on the platform.

The post or content on social media is much higher than the spoken phrases on traditional media. Also, social media coverage is unmeasurable, automatically increasing the information’s impact on its users.

The growth in exposure is an elemental advantage of social media. The exposure that a certain service, product, or idea may get on social media is unmatched by what it might get on other platforms. And, since social media creates a great power to alter people’s mindsets, it shapes their way.

Also, it is believed that social media serves the information in a much more lucrative and serial way than the readers may wish to possess at that instance. The same is practical for advertising organizations’ services to their consumers.

This is why several people rely on social media to increase their businesses and evaluate the exposure businesses may get in a particular position and time.

In a nutshell, whether social media is a curse or boon is a controversial matter. Even so, it is undeniable that it is too hard to desist from it. Besides keeping themselves informed, the benefits of being linked to individuals have undeniably made peoples’ lives better off, more convenient, and faster altogether.

Social media has revolutionized lives, increased communication horizons, and perpetually transformed the pace of life. Hence, its influence must be utilized sensibly and wisely for the progress, prosperity, and development of today’s lives.

Although removing Social media from individuals’ lives is no longer questionable, its utilization may be moderated by restricting its time.

Need help with an expository essay?

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Expository essay example.


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