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Are Humans Inherently Good or Evil Essay?

Argumentative essay on human nature

Are humans inherently good or evil-essay? This example of an expository essay has been in existence for many years. Many things happen to one’s life, and you ask yourself why people behave the way they behave. It is a difficult question that cannot be answered by a yes or no answer. You have to look at different scenarios and observe how people behave around you.

Good people are selfless because they think of other people first before themselves. Being evil is the act of being selfish. Putting yourself first in everything without considering how badly your choice will affect others. (Martin & Olson,2015)

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Introduction paragraph for “Are Humans Inherently Good or Evil Essay? “

In my opinion, human beings are generally evil, but other things might influence the evilness to a higher level or make them good. In this paper, we will discuss and find out if people are inherently good or evil. 

Body paragraphs for “Are Humans Inherently Good or Evil Essay? “

When you take time and observe kids playing together, you will always see some behaviors that prove that human beings are inherently selfish. For instance, two kids from different mothers might play differently until the other touches a toy belonging to another kid. Then, you will notice that the toy owner starts crying, which shows that they are unwilling to share. In addition, a kid will start crying if the mother carries another child. These are examples that show we are inherently selfish/evil. 

As we grow old, we encounter things that can make us become more evil or good people. Such items include environment, parental influence, power or status in society, life events in someone’s life, etc. 

Our environment has so much influence on human nature. Our environment includes people who are around us, what we watch, the books we read, and the society at large. People who surround us have so much influence on our behavior. One might be a good person, but the friends might be wicked. For instance, you may have friends or neighbors who make a lot of money in ways that appear wicked to you. It is obvious that you will want to live such a kind of life. As you adapt to their cruel ways, your behavioral nature changes, and you end up being an evil person. If you are an evil person willing to change, surrounding yourself with good people will change your view of others. You start considering how your choices or decisions affect other people rather than thinking about the good results of your selfish acts. 

Technology is one of the environments that have much influence on human nature. It has made people very selfish and inconsiderate. Research has shown that social media causes frustration and unhappiness in people. It might give a false impression that others are living happy lives without stress. This might make you feel isolated and start being evil to successful people, not knowing it’s a life full of lies. 

Our parents stay with us from a young age to old age, which is why we borrow a lot of behavior from them. I believe that we are all born inherently selfish. It is just that parents work hard to discipline us because it will help us to relate well with others in the future. However, we sometimes pick some things from how we were raised that might impact our nature. For example, if a parent loves one child over the other, the one that feels less loved will carry that bitterness for a long and might make him/evil. 

Some life events occur that change people’s perspectives about others. For example, some people in our society are very selfish and will do anything to get what they want, regardless of the consequences. Looking at our history, some leaders were very evil in killing people to achieve their desires. In English history, leaders used to invade their neighbors and take their properties and women by force. If the locals tried to resist, they would be killed mercilessly. Others used to make the slave trade a form of cheap labor. Some of these things still happen even today but in a hidden manner. Therefore, we can see that selfishness in human beings began many years ago. It might have been reduced due to international laws, but it is still going on in a different form.

Some people go through difficult moments that make them hate everyone around them. ( Chandler 2014). For instance, if a lady is in an abusive relationship, chances are high that she will start hating men quickly and seeing them as toxic. Of course, others will see her as an evil person, but it’s because of her trauma. 

Money and power reveal true human nature. We always play cool until we get money or power, which puts us higher than others in society. Some might be very helpful in community, while others might mistreat those who don’t have money. Research has shown that more than 60% of people who get a lot of money become evil. This also proves that we are inherently evil and not good.

Conclusion paragraph for “Are Humans Inherently Good or Evil Essay? “

In conclusion, not only human beings are irrational and evil, but animals too. This irrationality and evil nature is a survival technique for all organisms and is brought about by competition for food and other necessities. Therefore, we must know to what extent we should apply selfishness and at what cost. If our decisions adversely affect others, we must reconsider other options that are less harmful or not harmful.


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are human beings inherently good or bad essay.


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