Writing a 1000 word essay.

Writing a 1000-word essay sounds like a big deal, but you can compose yourself within a short time, and you are done. The length of a 1000 words essay should not be a bother when you have all that is required. In addition, having the correct information will make writing the essay shorter and more fun.

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Questions like; how to write a 1000 words essay? What is the structure of writing a 1000 words essay? How many pages should a 1000 essay be? The amount of time it will take to type a 1000 essay? Etc will be discussed in detail.

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How to write a 1000 words essay?

Writing an essay aims to convey pure facts about a given topic. It also allows you, as the author, to prompt the view you have clearly. Therefore, you have to be unique and authentic as possible.

It is important that you do research and comes up with points that will ensure the flow of information as you write the essay. This will not only save you time but capture the attention of the reader since your information will have a flow.


The overall structure of any article will appear to bear three key portions: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The same case applies to a 100 words essay outline.

Introduction of a 1000 words essay.

This is the most important part because all types of essays, whether Rogerian arguments, comparative essays, descriptive essays, etc., must have an introduction. And the introduction must be so unique that it captures the reader’s attention and keeps them hooked.

The introduction should contain the general expectations and thoughts you are about to discuss as well as highlight some views that will show your position in the research about the given topic. This is what psyches the reader to get down to the body.


 Having a guideline is like bearing a lamp in one’s hand on a dark path. This will enlighten your path and give you a direction to follow due to the illumination. The outline will give you an idea of how you should maneuver through the paper writing process. The key facts you identified are the main facts that will be presented in the various sections of your article. For instance, if it is a comparative essay, ensure you come up with the points of comparison in a rough draft so that you will just be expounding as you proceed.

In addition, the body should contain the facts plus their supporting evidence, which allows the reader to understand the ideas you are trying to elaborate on from your point of view. You need to be careful that the article will not exceed 1000 words. Hence it is upon you to calculate and see that if the introduction is composed of 200 words each, then the remaining 600 words are supposed to be distributed in the body.

For instance, if you came up with six points in the topic research, make sure you have six sections in the body, each having at least 100 words.

Conclusion of a 1000 words essay.

The conclusion is as important as the introduction. The conclusion contains a short and clear recapture of the key point you just discussed in the body, providing a final stand about the whole topic after the research. In other words, the outlined facts are supposed to be summarized in the conclusion in a clear form.

Enough time to proofread

After winding up your writing, it is important to spare a few minutes to read the paper aloud. This will help you to correct any errors in sentences, verbs poorly used, or grammatical errors in the paper before submitting the work. Finally, pass your content in a plagiarism checker to ensure that your work is very original.

How much time will it take to type a 1000-word essay?

This question cannot be answered directly because it depends on many factors. First, it will depend if you are a newbie or an expert in writings essays. For a newbie, you will take time to finish the essay because you have to do it slowly for it to be perfect. For an expert writer, you can complete it within 2hrs at most. Secondly, it depends on the topic or subject. Some subjects are tough, so coming up with an essay will require thorough research.

On average, the following table can guide you on how much time you should take to finish an essay.

200-400 words essay1hr45mins
400-600 words essay1hr 30min1hr
600-800 words essay2hr1hr 30 min
800 -1000words essay2hr 45 min2hrs
1000-1200 words essay3hr2hrs 30 min
1200 – 1500 words essay4hrs3hrs
1500-2000 words essay5hrs- 6hrs4hrs

How many pages should a 1000 essay be?

The number of pages should be about 4 pages with the following features:

12pt spacing: use double spacing

Font paper, always use times new roman.     

Putting all the factors in one line, we can say that;

In general, each type of font and font size gives a different number of pages, considering the spacing between the lines.

1000-word essay topic examples.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of social media.
  • Career goals vs. postgraduate studies
  • Effects of covid-19 in the education system.
  • Should pregnant women be vaccinated?
  • Impact of Covid-19 in families.
  • Causes of global warming.
  • Homework should not be banned.
  • Is china’s economy a threat to the world?
  • How to make an essay longer.
rules of writing a 1000 word essay


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