Best excuses for missing online class.

With massive improvements in technology, the world had to adopt a system of learning that would accommodate all students. Improvements have been made to apps, and online spaces have been created to ensure smooth learning. Many students have part-time jobs, and they end up looking for excuses for missing online class whenever they remember they missed homework.

Online classes such as MyMathLab, Cengage, Aleks, MyStatLab, McGraw Hill Connect, etc., are very hectic and will demand a lot of your time. This is why sometimes you want to take a break and focus on other important issues.

Here are 9 excuses for missing online class.

Sick pet

You can use this excuse occasionally since diseases are untimely. Tell your teacher you must take it to the veterinarian for a checkup. Your teacher will believe you because he cannot deny you a chance to attend to your sick pet.

My pet died

This is also another perfect excuse for missing online class. Pets are very friendly, and animals and have been recommended for emotional support. Being disconnected from your pet due to death is a painful feeling I would not wish on anyone. However, sometimes you must come up with the most convincing excuse to miss that class. You can use this excuse to escape that online class.

My Wi-Fi is down

Tell your teacher you have bad Wi-Fi connectivity due to bad weather conditions. Your teacher will believe you because it is not a common thing to have Wi-Fi issues. However, just use this excuse when the weather is really bad because chances are high that the teacher comes from the same area.

My Wi-Fi is being replaced.

This works perfectly since your teacher is already aware that your Wi-Fi has issues. This will help you take a class leave for a day or two. Ensure that you promise to rectify it as soon as possible.

Computer crashed

Computer crashes anytime, so this will be a good excuse to miss online class. Tell your teacher you do not have any other laptop at your place, but you are working on fixing it again. This excuse can only be used occasionally since you can base your excuses on an operating system crash or motherboard crash.

The online class website is down.

A website can be down at any time. Tell your teacher you are not able to log in to the class. Your teacher will understand since this is a regular occurrence. Ensure that you use something like a VPN that prevents you not to log in so that it can work as proof.

virtual doctor appointment

A doctor’s appointment can be physical or virtual. State to your teacher that you had an appointment with the doctors that coincided with the class time. Convince him/her that you could not miss your weekly consultation for your health purposes.  

Job interview

If you are advancing your studies or taking your studies part-time, this excuse works perfectly for you. First, tell your teacher you have a new job opportunity so you would not want to miss it because it is an opportunity you have been waiting for. Then, if your teacher is reasonable, he/she will allow you to attend the interview and reschedule the class to a later time.

You left your laptop in your parents’ car.

Well, we usually forget our belongings in places where we feel safe. This is a good excuse after you miss that online class without prior notice. Tell the teacher that you left your laptop in your mum’s car and she was out of town.

Turn off the camera

You can sign in to your class and then switch off your camera. This is a good trick since you will be on the list of students present. However, you risk being caught cheating when the teacher calls out a roll call. This perfectly works fine if your class has many students and you are sure there are minimal chances of the roll call being called out.

There are so many excuses to miss an online class. If you are not good at making excuses, it is good to be honest and attend your class. If you use the above excuses, there is a high possibility that you will be understood. However, I do not encourage students to miss classes unless under unavoidable circumstances.


All the above excuses for missing online class are valid. However, You should always ensure that you do all your assignment in time to avoid bad grades. This is because some lecturers are very strict and will not accepts excuses. Therefore, If you feel overwhelmed and are looking for perfect excuses for missing an online class, you are free to ask for help from our professional tutors. We offer many services for most online courses, such as Aleks homework help, Cengage homework help, do MyMathLab for me, do mystatlab for me, etc. Just click on the link below and get professional help.

excuses for missing online class.


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