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10 Compelling excuses for school.

Good school excuses for absence.

Absenteeism (also referred to as nonattendance) from school has never been difficult, but giving the wrong excuse for school could leave you wondering if you are ready for the course. Every absentee always has an excuse that will help them escape from school punishment. Here are some compelling excuses for school that can get you out of trouble.

10 school excuses you can use confidently

Personal illness.

Falling sick during school days is a usual thing. Personal illness can be a substantiative reason to be absent from school. Your tutor will mostly believe it’s true since illness is never deliberate. Choose a disease that cures within one or two days so that your tutor can not pay you a visit to check on you. For a lady, you can say that you had severe cramps, and the teacher will understand. Remember to use an excuse yourself using an acute disease: that is short-term diseases like headache, stomachache, diarrhea, and other short-term diseases.

Quarantine under the direction of a medical officer

.This can be the best excuse for missing school during Covid times because many people can relate. Communicable diseases like chickenpox, smallpox, and measles, among many others, can be a reason to be absent since limited interaction reduces the spread of the disease. This will not only scare your tutor away but also give you a longer break of three to seven days. Do not use diseases that require one to quarantine for too long since it will lead to suspicion when you re-appear back at school after a short period.

Funeral service of a close family member

Death always comes unwelcomed hence a funeral can be a concrete reason to be absent from school. Naturally, your tutor will be sorry and give you a day or two to attend the funeral. However, you have to be cautious when using this excuse, as it may lead to guilt. 

Observance of a religious ceremony

We are living in a world where there is freedom of worship. Muslims, Christianity, Buddhism, and any other form of religion, all have that one special day where they celebrate. Therefore, the teacher must understand your situation. The right to religion and freedom of worship will be a huge point for your excuse to be absent.

I lost track on my way to school.

However much this sounds awkward, it is an intelligent reason for a student who is new at a school. You can justify this by coming to school a bit late the next day. This excuse is only used for a single day, and you have to find other excuses to be absent. Assure your tutor that you will never be absent again for losing track. 

Personal court appearance

If you need a short break, say one to two days, this will be an excellent excuse to give your tutor. Make your tutor believe you by giving him/her a tip on what the case is all about. You can choose less complex cases like traffic offenses or public misconduct.

Family responsibilities.

If you are a parent, you have the upper hand while using this excuse to miss school. Various responsibilities, such as taking your child to the clinic for a check-up, admitting your child to school, or watching over your sick child, will all be accepted by your tutor.

 On the other hand, if you are an elder sibling, you can use this excuse too, but with caution since most responsibilities are associated with the parent. 

Car breakdown.

This will be a valid excuse if you go to school in a city or town with high traffic/ traffic congestion. Be careful when choosing the location where the car broke down so that the situation may look a bit hectic. As a young student, do not say the car was yours or your friend’s car. Always say It was your parent’s car and point out that they never made it to their places of work too. 

Missed school bus.

Missing a bus either to school or going home is a normal thing. However, it may lead to other discussions of how irresponsible you are since you did not wake up early and plan well until you were left by the school bus. This excuse is considered weak, although valid. 

Mini accident on the way.

Create a realistic scenario, and you were not necessarily the cause of the accident. Blame it upon a rogue cyclist using the wrong road lane or your driver. Indicate that no one was seriously injured, and the matter was solved quickly on the spot so that you cannot be asked to provide medical proof.

My dad didn’t give me money for gas.

This is a valid excuse you can use if you live far from school. You can even spice it up by saying that your parents had a small argument and you were angry with them. You can use this excuse if the tutor cannot access your parent through any platform.

Medical appointment by doctor or dentist

Medical appointment by a doctor or a dentist is always scheduled on a regular pattern; hence any school day can be an appointment date. This will be an excellent reason to get a day off from the normal school routine without raising the eyebrows of your tutor.

Hire an expert to “do my homework.”

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10 best excuses for school


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