Other words to use instead of because When writing an essay.

It is essential to know other words to use instead of because for your essay to make it appealing, engaging, and non-repetitive.

You might start with the word “because” in many sentences when writing an essay. Sometimes you might end up overusing it hence making the essay boring.

 A plain statement may not give the desired and satisfactory meaning. Therefore, it is essential for someone to offer a reasonable explanation connecting to what he/she states in the conversation.

The use of because is the known way of offering an explanation or a way to indicate that there is an enlightenment that is about to follow.

The linkage word, because, has become monotonous in writing and one on one speech. However, so many other words can be used instead of because in any essay and still offer the transitional impression of an explanation. Knowing these synonyms is also one of the essay writing strategies that can help fill words in the paper.

The phrases listed below are synonyms to use instead of because.

  1. AS: Itis a linkage word that has exact meaning because although, when used, it sounds inferior. For example, I need some time out this weekend as I have a demanding schedule.
  2. CONSIDERING THAT: it is an adjective that means taking the whole thing into account; it also expresses the same meaning as “as long as.” For example, considering I had a tough schedule this week, I must take some time out.
  3. FOR: It is a linkage word that gives the same meaning as because. For example, I won’t manage to get to the party for my leg is hurting. It is also a preposition meaning because of. For example, He did not apologize; and for just that, she did not help him.
  4. IN AS MUCH AS: It is a linkage word that means, in the opinion of the fact that. So, for example, in as much as I have known you as a senior, I will call you by your nickname.
  5. IN SO FAR: It is an adverb/ a linkage word with a similar meaning as because, showing extent. So, for example, we will need more machines on the farm in so far as the land is so extensive.
  6. SINCE: It can be used as an adverb showing past time; it is another way to say because, for example, I will not buy you the present I promised since you did not perform well in your examination.
  7. THANKS TO: It is a preposition with a similar meaning as because of, either positively or sarcastically. For example, she can now study abroad without strain, thanks to her supervisor, who sponsored her.
  8. DUE TO: It is a preposition that shows why something happened or did not happen. For example, due to his procrastination behavior, exams caught him unprepared.
  9. AS A RESULT OF: It is a linkage word that expresses the same meaning as ‘due to’ and ‘because of’ describing results and impacts of something. For instance, in a sentence, most people were left homeless as a result of the heavy rains and floods.
  10. AS LONG AS: It is used as an idiom expressing how one event depends on the occurrence of another. So, for example, you will pass your coming exams as long as you keep on reading smart.
  11. NOW THAT: It is a linkage word that indicates the consequences of one action on the other. So, for example, now that you are here, we can watch a movie. It can also be that we can now watch a film that you are here.
  12. OUT OF: It is a linkage word that links actions to feelings. For example, the talk started out inquisitively.
  13. OWING TO: This is the last word you can use instead of because. It is a preposition showing the relation of things. . For example, camels survive in dry land owing to their ability to store water in their humps.
    • All these are synonyms that make your essay non-repetitive and attractive whenever used.
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words to use instead of because


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