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10+ Impressive Essay writing strategies

Essay writing strategies.

You might be wondering what is the best writing strategy for any essay? Here are the best tips for writing a persuasive essay like a pro!

I understand the struggle you are going through trying to figure out how you will go about writing a perfect essay. I have developed the best essay writing strategies to help you from topics to a conclusion.

Below are 10 strategies for writing an essay. These steps will not only help you to organize your work but also come up with a perfect paper: –

10 best essay writing strategies.

1. Draw a mind map for your essay.

In other words, when your professor asks you to write an essay, do not panic. Instead, try and figure out what the whole paper would look like. For instance, if the topic is not provided, think about how you will come up with an attractive title- the one that will make your work easier. Coming up with a good title will help you get a map of your introduction, the body, and the conclusion because you already know what you will talk about.

2. Come up with a title for your essay.

As I mentioned earlier, a title may be given by your professor or not. In the case where the title is provided, you have to do a little research to understand the theme you are entitled to adhere to. In addition, knowing what kind of essay must be generated from the topic is also essential.

On the other hand, if you are supposed to come up with your own topic, then take advantage of it. Do not strain yourself trying to think of a very tough heading to seem like a superstar. Your subject must be in your all-time favor for more points and clarity. Select an interesting topic that is easy to write about, and give the goal of the matter. If it is an enlightening goal, show what you have read well and understood.

If the goal is to prove the topic to the reader, choose your passionate topic. While doing any type of essay addressing a certain thing, make sure you are involved as the first person to highlight the exciting part of your essay and improve on it.

3. Have a timeline.

A schedule clearly shows that your work is well organized and enables you to meet the deadline. A timetable gives you an estimate of the time you have to complete each task. It gives you an overview of how much time each assignment you are dealing with requires. Now that we are dealing with essay writing identify the subheadings you will speak about. For example, research time, background information, postulation, outlining, proofreading, etc.

4. Sort out a sufficient study

Research is very crucial in any type of writing. It does not matter whether the topic is provided or you have come up with your own. Research is the most thoughtful strategy you can ever use because after conducting the study concerning the selected or the given title, you can come up with evidence about what you are talking about.

This will give your skeleton essay flesh allowing the reader to understand your mind and giving him/her the psyche to keep reading your paper to the end. Make use of the school and online library. You can also use internet blogs to find out about similar topics and how the authors made their points in their essays. BUT DO NOT COPY-PASTE!

5. Create a rough draft of the essay

Considering the construction of either a building or a road, a plan must be there to ensure that enough foundation is done correctly and keep the builders on track. That is the same way an outline works for an essay. Writing down all the main points you find suitable for your topic enables you to have a course to follow.

Explaining each point in a separate paragraph in the body gives you an allowance to add more points or pieces of evidence to support that main idea. You want to prove to the reader that what you have written is well kept and convincing. The points captured in the outline serve as the main sentences of a particular paragraph.

6. Start writing.

Understand the structure of the essay as mentioned above. Start with the introduction, go through the body paragraphs then the conclusion. There are many ways to start an essay, but the best is by coming up with a hook statement for the reader because this will make your professor want to read more. One or two paragraphs are enough because the introduction part does not need a lot of details.

7. Consider the sentence construction.

This is important to remember because types of sentences add a taste to your essay. You may decide to mix long and short sentences. Using one long sentence creates a boring atmosphere for your reader. In addition, long sentences make the reader tired while reading because they do not have breathing space. Too short sentences make your essay have hiccups since the reader keeps on stopping even before getting to the main point. It also makes your article look squeezed, which is not good and might lower your overall grade.

8. Use correct punctuation marks and grammar.

You must make your essay readable, well-punctuated, easy to understand, and direct. Grammatical errors always give an awkward impression to the writer. To avoid mistakes, make sure you go through your work after writing, use online grammar checkers, or give it to someone to read and comment on. Understand when and how to use nouns, verbs, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, and all those.

Remember the essential punctuation marks such as speech marks, commas, exclamation marks, and full stops. A hack to have your essay appear well punctuated is the use of direct speech in your sentences. Keep your sentences and language as simple as possible by avoiding challenging vocabulary. Using this strategy will help you advance your essay.

9. Use proper terminologies.

Sound simple but smart by using familiar vocabulary to you. You can achieve this by use of synonyms; for instance, if a word in your essay is repetitive, find another word with the same meaning and replace it.

Using challenging vocabulary can also harm your essay. The reader wants to understand the paper most straightforwardly.

10. Avoid annihilations.

The essay writing process needs a lot of concentration for the best outcome. Writing your essay requires you to be in a quiet place free from destructors that take your attention away.

11. Write an impressive conclusion.

This part gives a quick summary of the main points that you have been discussing as well as sharing their relevance to your postulate. It is vital to have an excellent way to conclude your essay as well as the whole preceding parts of the paper.

All these essay writing strategies will help you come up with the best essay, whether a descriptive essay or a comparative essay. However, In case you have a paper to do and don’t feel like writing it, just click on the link below, and we will hook you up with one of our professional writers for that essay.

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