7 Ways to make your essay longer.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by thoughts trying to find enough words to make your essay longer? You are not alone; many students often face this when writing essays.

Here are hacks to guide you through making your essay full of content and longer without necessarily tricking your instructor with font increment and line spacing.

A long essay is a good indicator that you have good content. However, It is better to write a short and precise essay that will convey your thoughts in a clear and summarized way. Many assignments come with a specific number of words or pages that must be written. The following article will give you some tips that you can use to make your essay longer.

How to make your essay longer hacks;

1. Draw a framework

Just like embarking on a long journey, you will need a map. The outline is your map to guide you through essay writing. A well-organized framework will always act as a spotlight throughout your composition. When you are ready with your framework, go over it to identify skipped points, sketchy information is written under a certain point, and new ideas in case there is any.

The organization of the framework gives sequential understanding. More information trickle in through your thoughts, making your composition longer as you keep expounding on the missed points.

Suppose in a particular passage you have an over-elaborate point; this can create room for breaking it and expounding it into two portions where you explain each portion in detail, lengthening your essay without much struggle.

2. Use illustrations

This has a double benefit in your essay writing! First, many illustrations in your write-up are enough convincing points that you are not giving rumors in your paper but instead showing how well you have mastered the content you are trying to explain.

You can also use examples to increase the length of your essay. Examples not only give detailed content to the essay but also shows that you have done a lot of research.

If the essay can be backed up by data, make sure you include them. Data presented in form of a graph, table, or chart requires an explanation hence in the process increasing the length of the essay.

3. Use longer-term versions.

Short-form words and short versions of the words are not advisable when you want to make your essay longer. For the reason that we are really in the quest of achieving a long essay.

Give your short sentences flesh by using the long way to get to the exact point. For example, if you want to say “I am unwell” instead, you can say “recently, I have not been in my right health status”. This is magic; three words into nine words mean the same thing.

Another example is instead of writing, “because” you can write “for the reason that, in as much as or in view of the fact that,” and you realize that the meaning is still retained. Do you get it?

4. Use quotations

It is a natural feeling that comes from being associated with a prominent person, thing, or idea. As you are in the process of thinking about your topic and the things you will put down on paper, it is also good if you keep your mind linked to long quotes from prominent academic professors’ write-ups or sources.

This not only adds words to your essay but also shows that you are acknowledging their work. This will persuade the reader that you have done enough research.

5. Design your paragraphs well.

Each passage of your composition has these three common parts;

  • A subject sentence – It carries the major point you are handling in that particular passage. It is also a thought-grabbing sentence; this is where you ensure that your reader’s mind is concentrating on your work.
  • Confirmation that backs up your main point – Expound your findings in about three sentences, clearly stating the linkage of these points to the main sentence.
  • Have a concluding statement – keep your position on the argument clear.

In case your paragraphs do not tally with these parts, ensure you fix it, thus increasing your paper length.

6. Elongate your rough guide.

The introduction is the ‘appetizer’ in your paper. It contains a detailed cognizance statement and a detailed background information portion that must be interesting and connect to the main topic. Use an extensive thesis statement that carries the backbone of the information. Ensure you have like two paragraphs in the introduction.

The conclusion must give a summary of the main points that you handled in the body of your essay. There are many ways to conclude an essay. One way is by giving a contradicting statement; for instance, you can explain why you agree with the main topic.

7. Revisit your topic again.

After you are done with your paper, Relax, take a break then come back to your topic when you are fresh. Reread it with a refreshed mind.

Ask yourself, have I tackled all given queries? Are my points reinforced enough? Did I give adequate contextual facts? Has my paper met the required size? Am sure by this point so much information has popped into your mind; go ahead and write it down. Your paper is now longer than it was.

These are just some of the great ways that you can use to make your essay longer. In case you are stuck with an essay and need some help, feel free to ask for help from us. We will do your paper and deliver it on time.

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