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Compare and Contrast Essay Outline.

Compare and Contrast Essay.

A compare and contrast essay is one of the many essays that a student must encounter in college life. This type of essay is easy to come up with if you have enough points.

Having gone through an encounter of debating in your other levels of academics, this won’t be a hectic task, although a good and attractive format is required in the whole journey of the paper.

Before getting to the main ways of writing the essay, it’s good to learn how the paper should be structured in one’s mind and later on. This paper contains three major parts, which also have their own elements inside. These parts include;

  • The cognizance hooking introduction.
  • The main body contains the real thing you are dealing with.
  • Then we have the conclusion part.

In these parts, we have paragraphs composed of main and elaborative sentences that make the whole paper attractive. How you want your paper organized depends on you or according to the stated instructions. Papers can be arranged in a few ways, including;

  • The fact-by-fact pattern is also known as criteria organization design.

In this type of design, you deal with similarity and difference exhaustively in a clear manner, then move to the next point, and so on and so forth till the end of the paper.

  • Item organization design, also known as a Block pattern

In this type of design, you concentrate on one side, say similarities exhaustively, then go to the next part of differences and deal with them equally clearly and elaborately.

After getting an overview structure of the paper, it is good to understand this type of paper and its purpose since it appears so easy and debate-like. In this type of paper, you feature differences and similarities between two items, people, places, events, facts, etc.

As you write your paper, adhering to your own topic, you must ensure that these purposes are covered in your paper without necessarily telling the reader that you are now dealing with them. Instead, it should be evident as the reader is ongoing. Ensure that you serve the following purposes;

  • Try to portray that one thing is above the other.
  • Point out and shed light on common misinterpretations.
  • Provide another way of doing something.
  • Point, expound, and talk over something unknown.
  • Support every statement with pieces of evidence and exact trustworthy sources.

Let us now move to something tangible on compare and contrast essay.

Compare and contrast essay introduction.

Your introduction is the most influential part of the paper and is also a significant determinant of your final score or impact. The introduction of a compare and contrast paper is not different from the other known types of papers. It is made up of three parts, namely;

  • The opening speech is also known as an attention-holding statement.

This is the first sentence of the introduction, and it says a lot about your whole knowledge and creativity about the paper. It serves to arrest all the attention of the reader and fix his /her mind to your work till the end.

  • The belief of the study.

Have a basis or a position on where you are standing after doing the research, give the theories and statements that led to your work, and be very brief not to discombobulate the reader. Take two to three sentences in this part.

  • The summary of the whole paper uses questions.

Now, this is the part where you try to give illustrations and promises to the reader that the brief statements and questions will be handled in the body. This will keep the reader still interested in reading your work.

How to write the body paragraphs of a compare and contrast essay

The number of paragraphs in the body of the paper depends on how many points you are using for comparison and differentiating. The more points, the more the number of paragraphs. All paragraphs under a certain threshold should answer the following questions;

  • is my point related to my topic?
  • What’s explanatory and thought-provoking?
  • What’s appropriate for my task?

Each paragraph should start with an introduction sentence which is the topic sentence; remember to keep it interesting. Proceed to the major findings from the research about that very fact you are dealing with. In case you are using the point-by-point design, use the following words to clearly bring out the comparison and connect the different sides to the similar side. They include;

  • Even though
  • However
  • conversely
  • On the contrary
  • Unlike.
  • In differentiate
  • On the other hand
  • Nevertheless
  • whereas

Suppose you are using the side-by-side design, in the part of similarities words such as;

  • At the same time, as well as
  • Both
  • Related to
  • Correspondingly
  • In addition
  • In the same way
  • Just as
  • Likewise
  • Same as
  • Similarly

Finally, let’s understand;


This is the last part of the paper, and at this point, the reader is waiting for a recapture of the whole paper in a summarized way. First, capture all the main points under your topic of discussion and postulates. Then, try to give a short evaluation of what you have discussed, depending on the topic you have. Finally, give the clarity of the main topic by answering the question, what was my aim while debating the similarities and differences in my paper? Then give the relevant references and citations in the format instructed by your tutor.

Compare and contrast topics example.

  • E-books vs. Textbooks
  • Public vs. private college.
  • Career success or continuing with education.
  • Getting a part-time job vs. partying in college.
  • College vs. highsschooll
  • E-books or textbooks.
  • Virtual vs. real classrooms.
  • Cloud classrooms or not.
  • Saving money or not
compare and contrast essay outline

An example of a compare and contrast essay paper.


[NOTE: please don’t copy and submit this work because its already plagiarized]

Partying is a little heaven full of fun! But having a part-time paying job is very important, especially in college. This is a topic full of arguments since each side of the topic has its own heavy opinions. In this paper, we seek to find out whether it is better to have a part-time job or a party in your free time.

 In college, there is so much time to spend, and it is upon an individual to decide how to utilize their time, either positively or negatively.

Apart from the usual routine of studies, one has a big room to plan on earning that extra coin or partying with his/her classmates. And this is where this paper draws its discussion between getting a part-time job or partying in college.

Why minus money instead of adding money? Partying needs you to spend money while getting that job will earn some extra cash. This is a significant concern and a major difference between a part-time job and partying.

Well, having a part-time job gives you education on money managing abilities. Money management is not only a theoretical skill but also a more practical skill. As a young adult, learning this skill at your age gives you stamina for your future money handling rather than misusing it.

A partying student will likely misuse and mishandle money because he/she does not know the cost of earning that money. Therefore they take advantage of the guardian’s money and give it away to substances such as alcohol.

These drinks, of course, are not economical. Such a student knows nothing like managing the few coins he is being given; therefore, even at his older age after college, he/she will be challenged to sustain needs with few dollars. This leads to me saying it’s better to be independent as early as possible to avoid inconveniences after graduation.

However, partying is fun, especially when you are having difficulty or depressed. Drinking that weekend relieves school stress and makes you fresh for the next week. But one should do it in moderation to avoid overdependence on drugs and alcohol.

However, there exist some similarities between the two. For example, having a part-time job might seem more optimistic than partying, but both merge at a common networking point.

While one is carrying out his job activity, there is a chance of meeting with many people, therefore, giving a chance of building a good social life linkage. There is also a high chance that one will get a friend or two from parties. This is also important because it will open you up for things such as business connections.

In conclusion, these two topics carry almost the same weight when it comes to debating. While most like partying and enjoying themselves without minding how good or poor they are spending their money, there is another set of individuals who dedicate their time doing a part-time job to earn something by the end of the day. This helps them be a good financial manager.

Therefore, it is important for one to each in moderation to concentrate more in class. Therefore, ensure the work does not take a lot of your time and the party will moderation.

[NOTE: please don’t copy and submit this work because its already plagiarized]

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compare and contrast essay


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